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Tiantong Temple organization lay Buddhist students held line activities

Tiantong Temple organization lay Buddhist students held line activities

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On November 23, 2013 morning 9 when, Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist class to Bai Qian Ling line. Tiantong Temple Abbot monk in good faith under the care and guidance, Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist meditation class launched the line. Conduct activities in Tiantong temple - Temple, Buddhist master class teacher in China under the leadership of Buddhist class of more than 100 people attended the meditation.

At the beginning of the first line, the master instructions given meaning, how to adjust the breath, and that the passage meditation theme "a bench would need at least a few legs", then explain the journey matters needing attention. The Zen meditation activities, in order to improve the students interest in meditation, Zen and comprehend the charm and realistic function. Conduct activities before and after 2 hours, turn off the phone and whole language.

After the walk, participants have the experience deeply, especially the light feel pleasure, hope once again organize traveling experience.