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Tiantong Temple Buddha seven ended once a year

Tiantong Temple Buddha seven ended once a year

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In December 10th, the annual Tiantong Temple Buddha seven this month on the lunar month 11 2 seven to 8 days, at the beginning of end. Karma gathering, gathered more than 800 sea all the believers in the Dharma will,

All the Dharma, to love to all doors, to clear your mind to love is to have no such as Buddha, Buddha Buddha, the Buddha when, must see. Always read the name of Amitabha, to a heart, will be reborn in the Western Pure land.

Buddha seven period, every morning and evening for two times, the master took the extraordinary discovery of Dharma gate, especially the integrity of the monk in the busy time, and in the first day's seven "and a date, made the discovery, to guide us, according to the practice of Pure Land Buddhism, carefully read the Buddha, to always read the name of Amitabha, to a heart, bodhicitta in period of verification. In order to achieve the desired objective, the public to listen to, such as bath dew, more confidence and diligence.