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Tiantong temple seven annual Dancheng ended

Tiantong temple seven annual Dancheng ended

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In December 7th, the annual end of Dancheng Tiantong temple seven, since November 17th seven during the 21 days of effort Zen seven ended. In order to have spectacular achievements, the birth and death, in this 21 days, grams of forensics, holding the "nature" belief Zen seven. So sophisticated Zen seven called death seven, seven when the mass to the abbot to "life and death leave" is of great significance, it is the belief in the model, the ancients said, to the birth and death, hard to do when the thought to the abyss, treading on thin ice, the sense of urgency, like this the last thousands of years of tradition, from generation to generation in the Zen, Cao Dongchan wind influence.

Then the mozhao Zen sect in the heart is Buddha ", empty heart and go" accurate interpretations of Cao Dongchan, also indicate the characteristics in Zen, "empty" is the "heart" of the characteristics, from the heart of all the world, to empty into common, although empty and wonderful, although virtual although the spirit, and God is silent and quiet, according to. This is the law, it is wonderful, spirit, God, as. The former is the heart of the body, the latter is the heart, that is Qi Xin empty, deficiency, static, silence is silent as the Zen nature, the highest goal is the mozhao zen. Stop the outside of the Buddha, but from the heart, is obtained from self awareness.

On the way of Tiantong Temple Zen, Zen from the division of the South and the north, South Yongjia Xuan asked "is Zen, sitting is Zen, silent movement of Enron" idea, trying to break the traditional mode only sitting meditation. But the majority of Zen, meditation is still occupy an important position, the Zen master Shi Shuangqing of the Tang Dynasty, to sit lie long known to the world, which is great for Buddhist influence, in a certain sense, Tiantong Temple inherited by a Zen way.

Effect of Cao Dongzong wind of Tiantong temple, many law Master Cao Dongzong of the Song Dynasty famous Zen master Kai Jackson and Rinzai, Cloud Gate is not the same, he pays attention to individual practice, insist on eating only one meal a day, a great impact on the way, Cao Dongzong has the improvement, and eating only one meal a day at Zen popular, traditional part of Zen monk NFAM Tiantong temple seven, keeping Cao Dongzong Kai Zen Zen Zen master.