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The first training class graduation ceremony and lay Buddhist Association was held in Tiantong Temple

The first training class graduation ceremony and lay Buddhist Association was held in Tiantong Temple

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In March 15, 2014, Tiantong temple first class graduation ceremony and lay Buddhist Association held. More than 120 students from Ningbo and the surrounding area after a year of devotion, ushered in the graduation ceremony of this sacred moment.

At 9 am, 12 men and women students holding flowers to Kam Tong (Fang Zhangshi) to welcome vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk, Buddhist teacher integrity.

All the students in the classroom to class, to welcome the integrity of the monk, and chanting "incense praise", "heart". Subsequently, in the ease of music, student representatives to Tiantong Temple Abbot honest monk sat at the podium, when master meter art master, master Yuantong Temple master Zhi Ke, deputy of the master, master of the mantle is flowers to express gratitude to master.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by deputy Tiantong Temple Temple, Buddhist master class in china. China master first makes a brief summary. The Buddhist courses since March 2, 2013 since opening, smooth completion in the integrity of the monk and the Tiantong Temple resident's concern and support, during the opening "theory", "the hundred Famingmen liuzu Tanjing" meditation, meditation, chanting "Diamond Sutra" and other courses, students are still carried out under the master LED Dongqian Lake released, Putuo Chaoshan she had leukemia, visit, visited the Fenghua Welfare Institute and other activities, the students and the believers of the unanimous praise.

Subsequently, on behalf of the students lay Buddhist squad leader Fan Jiang made a profound graduation speech. "In class to let us accept the Buddhist Compassion Dharma is profound and mages compassion and pragmatic spirit, half a month, is like learning to life energy recharge." Fan Jushi said, through years of practice, we not only firmly establish the right view is that the Dharma, and put the Buddhist wisdom used to live and work in the actual learning, and everyone was significantly increased. In the future, we should take in Tiantong knowledge into wisdom, return to the community, and strive to become a qualified scholar.

Tiantong temple as the division of arts master meter, Tiantong Temple Yuantong mage has for us teachers students briefly discovery.

In looking forward to everyone, for everyone to the integrity of the monk made a wonderful great discovery. First he congratulated the students and teaching, to master and the heart care & thanks. He said, today is the lunar calendar in February fifteen, is the Buddha Day, also the Tiantong temple since the reform and opening up the first lay Buddhist class graduation day, a very special relationship. Promoting Buddhism by four disciples, the abbot of dharma sangha, in the Dharma, both of them are indispensable. China history scholar, Fu Dashi and Pang Yun, Yang Renshan, Ouyang have no modern, Zhang Taiyan, Liang Shuming and so on, are from the Dharma practice, promote respect for everyone to do good, we should emulate those better than oneself. Buddhism and "Buddhism", research is not knowledge, but to have right view, Masanobu Masayuki, learn Foban curriculum science have enlightenment, rich and colorful activities, reflects the "four great Bodhisattva of compassion and wisdom and spirit". The integrity of the monk asked the students eagerly, and long-term, focusing on understanding practice, perseverance to continue to keep learning, the Dharma and the world with the positive energy, wisdom and Buddhism play out, work and life to illuminate the people present. Finally, the integrity of the monk to trainees certificates, and posed for pictures with you one one.

After that, the students went to the ancient worship of ancestors in scheduling, this grace milk. As the Bamboo Creek, a wide, although it is early spring, along the way is the unlimited scenery, we all have to happiness.

In the afternoon, the students took a group photo in front of the king, to teach "the master liuzu Tanjing" meal far came from Mount Putuo Buddhist College here, is to let everyone feel the dance for joy.

Then, the students in the classroom on the ground to watch the new life, on both sides of the rostrum constantly playing field Memorial Video projector. At 1:30, the association began from the solo, chorus, the zither playing, we express gratitude and blessings to their talent show. Drama "where did the time go by", "but" Samantabhadra police all through the world, is for people to ponder and ridden. In the mage a cappella "Shurangama smile" is the association to a climax.

The road of life, hard work is the common wish." At 3:50 p.m., Tiantong temple first lay Buddhist class graduation ceremony and association in the "unforgettable", the song closes.