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The second session of the Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist class opening ceremony was held

The second session of the Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist class opening ceremony was held

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After a year of the first session of the lay Buddhist class held successfully in March 22, 2014, ushered in the second session of the Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist class school. From Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yuyao and other regions more than 210 of all have a gathering of many people, in the solemn song "Sambo" sound, opened the prelude to the opening of the class.

Tiantong Temple abbot, merciful Buddhist monk class tutor integrity attended the opening ceremony, and how to practice Buddhism from the four phase to the discovery, and in the great patriarchs and Buddhist ladies as an example, explains the sanyas wins, then encourage students to generate the mind for Bodhi, seriously learn the teachings of Buddhism and Zen, in real practice to improve their own personality, and to create a positive life. Attended the opening ceremony and headed the division plan art master, Zhi Ke division Yuantong master, master of the mantle is the master. Opening ceremony presided over by the Deputy headteacher Tiantong Temple Temple, in the mage.

Simple and solemn ceremony, the Buddha in the country under the leadership of Rabbi together chanting "Diamond Sutra, Buddha Dharma rain let them feel the buddha. The children listened to "Buddhism" to the instrument, the students said the benefit. Then the master and this evil practice good people talk, in the mage skills, full of Zen, and humorous words, attracted students alike.

Then in the Jade Buddha Temple (Dong Chantang) a master taught Mind Meditation, explain the detail in the mage's patience, students exercise 45 minutes of meditation. The students think Zen enlightenment, perception of life, it is the purification of the mind.

Finally, in the temple in the evening, melodious chanting in Buddha, Buddha's mercy have experienced a lesson, clean, equality, enlightenment, all sentient beings usually difficult to realize. After a day of the course, the students of bliss. May second Buddhist class success.