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Li Dadong lay line to Ningbo Yongnian Tiantong Temple offerings from the Buddhist scriptures

Li Dadong lay line to Ningbo Yongnian Tiantong Temple offerings from the Buddhist scriptures

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In March 31st, Li Dadong, the Shao Zhongjie scholar line to Ningbo Tiantong temple for "Yongnian" "Yongnian ancient Buddhist sutras, handed down" after five years of compilation, the heart for the domestic and foreign key temple, the Buddhist victory margin, dragon day celebration, people's lives long, method, has for the Ningbo Tiantong temple, the temple Ashoka Guangdong, Nanhua temple, Cloud Gate Temple, the Donglin Temple in Jiangxi.

Yongnian ancient Buddhist carving copy, by the national non material cultural heritage engraving printing representative Mr. Chen Yishi dear selected superior high quality pear after five years of shadow carved carved, now has been successfully developed, the traditional manual paper mulberry bark, hemp, bamboo quality mixed paper, brush selected Zhu Yeyin tradition of of primitive simplicity, is more rare, the paper Li Dong Gu refining of life for thousands of years the best thick mixture of paper, known as the "no paper reproduction", the collection method, can be more than a thousand years.

The abbot monk and integrity of Famen Temple in Fufeng Zhichao mage and advocate for compassion, for. Mongolian Buddhist monks carefully selected a number of initiatives to guide, a compilation of the Mahayana sutras. Please China Buddhist Association Ciming "Yongnian ancient Buddhist scriptures", "Yongnian ancient Buddhist scriptures" including scattered abroad as early as the Tang Dynasty Xiantong nine years woodblock printing rare treasures unique "Vajra Prajna paramita Sutra", the National Library of Tibetan song Bao opened six years time "Tripitaka" only fourteen volumes of the orphan ", but more to cover the", and the "Heart Sutra", Shanxi Yingxian Wood Tower cultural relics protection in the orphan "praised Mahayana merit by" Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum collection in the Ming Yongle "Buddha amitayus Sutra", "Amitabha Sutra", "Bodhisattva", he would hide the approximately eighty thousand words.