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Jia Wu in Tiantong Temple Buddha law will pass.

Jia Wu in Tiantong Temple Buddha law will pass.

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"Heaven has no such as Buddha, ten world is incomparable, all I see, everything is like a buddha."

Eighth day lunar new year in April (Gregorian calendar in May 6th), Christine every three, four, the fatherly mentor teacher Shakya Muni Buddha Christmas day, the temple would choose at 9:00 in the morning in the temple at the world peace, peace and prosperity Buddha law, then vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, respectfully, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk master integrity.

"The Buddha was born under the cloud, net of rice palace, Maya in the right delivery boy, music played at four weeks to the sky, the seven step, one refers to the statue of the male, Kowloon spit water Mu Chi, authentic million method." According to "the past now by cause and effect" volume records, ancient India and the Luo Weiguo queen Maya, worry free tree in the garden of Lumbini, the birth of Prince Siddartha, then the earth shook and the rain flower, Musella lasiocarpa, undertake the foot, Prince week seven steps, one day a finger finger the sky world, overweening "declaration, then the Kowloon spit water irrigation Mu prince, long days of joy, universal celebration. The disciples of the Buddha who was later held a ceremony to celebrate and commemorate Buddha "Buddha's birthday.

"The Buddha image by lavage" cloud: "all good men and good women, on the death of the Buddha to Buddha when heart boundless power, such as the Buddha in the Buddha image, be immeasurable, incalculable." "Buddha by the foundation" also states: "the bath as the support, the first win in Ganges RIver Qibao giving sand." And can achieve fifteen merits: often ashamed; hair net confidence; heart upright; with good friends; no leakage Hui; common Buddha Dharma; constant; can say; so when the students that pure Buddha land; if born as a human, most noble, people worship, happy; students in humans, the Buddha nature; the demon army, can not damage the angry; to protect the teachings; the Buddhas of the ten directions of the ICU; speed the achievement five.

I'm living beings in the Saha dirt, often in the five to three home, often troubled by the poison. The pious face benevolent, respectfully with fragrant soup Buddha, also can let us learn the scale, from the heart, from time to time to remind ourselves, on his pure heart.

"I was the Buddha net Chi mu, solemn merits and virtues of the Buddha, five people from the same syndrome scale turbidity, Buddha net body." On this splendid chance, welcome good faith rejoice in bath, Vern, with joy, Qi Zengfuhui.

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