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Tiantong temple was held once a year in the "Buddha" method

Tiantong temple was held once a year in the "Buddha" method

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In May 6th, the temple held a grand "Buddha" law, law, and the solemn Buddhist master, you are permitted to participate in the ceremony to worship service, sincere repentance, to pray for world peace and prosperity.

Buddha Festival, for the annual Lunar eighth of the fourth month in April, is one of the most important festivals China Buddhists commemorate Shakya Muni Buddha's birthday, also known as the Buddha's day. 2600 years ago, Shakya Muni in India (now Nepal) from the Maya's flank was born, a finger, a finger, said: "heaven and earth, stand upon one's pantofles." Then the earth shook, Kowloon spit water bath. Therefore every nation's Buddhists are usually ways to commemorate Buddha, the Buddha's birthday.

That day, at eight thirty in the morning, around the Buddhist Temple Buddha are gathered in. By the abbot Daiwa Nao led the disciples to integrity of the Abbot's room as Prince Sakyamuni Buddha to welcome. In the prelude opened by the incense hymn in Zhuang sternly. The discovery of this ritual please monk of Buddha's life history and the meaning of Buddha festival. After the "namo A-Ben teacher Shakya Muni Buddha" Hong sound began to buddha.

Four the disciples filled with fragrant soup bath perfusion sequence Prince buddha. Before this also held relevant law, known as the "Buddha festival".

Theravada Buddhism also attaches great importance to this holiday. Dai national belief in Theravada Buddhism, during the holidays, whether they are in the early morning to all people of all ages and both sexes, Buddhist temples to worship Buddha, a monk, held the ceremony, ceremony for Buddha, Buddha "welcome to sprinkle water".

Tibetan Buddhism also attaches great importance to this festival, known as the "April will", the general activity lasted for several days, including chanting, dancing under (also known as dance, dance, dance tiaobuzha, etc.), to the temple worship.