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Jiangxi College of Buddhism master a long visit Tiantong Temple

Jiangxi College of Buddhism master a long visit Tiantong Temple

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In May 9th, Jiangxi Buddhist College master a long visit Tiantong temple, by the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the current president of the Buddhist temple abbot,. In the warm reception.

Jiangxi Buddhist Institute, is located in the southern Temple Baofeng temple, Baofeng temple is located 20 km north of the town of Jiangxi Jing'an County Baofeng temple, the temple has always been famous for the south, in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and other prestigious. Tang and four years (850) Xuan Zongci "BaoFeng" horizontal inscribed board, then renamed "BaoFeng Temple", are still in use.

Since the creation of more than 1200 years BaoFeng temple is an important temple, Matsu Road, since the Tang Dynasty the first year (785), Matsu has repeatedly rate and the dharma. Rise and fall of a few degrees, experienced the vicissitudes of life, the autumn of 1992, when he was vice president of the Buddhist Association of Jiangxi Province, as a Zen temple Abbot initiative to fix the BaoFeng temple,

BaoFeng temple, the temple of precious cultural relics for the Matsu tower, built in the Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty metaphase, reconstruction, as the Department of Matsu, and built a pavilion, guard tower, was listed as the province's key cultural relics protection units in 1957. Tower were destroyed during the cultural revolution, booth surviving. In 1993, the tower was rebuilt in matsu.

The current Abbot Master Cheng Yan's master Ren Baofeng, deputy abbot of temple, Jiangxi province is also the vice president of the College of buddhism. The establishment of a national Jiangxi College of Buddhism Buddhist teaching resources sharing plan.

For example, teaching document related pictures and PPT, can be categorized to upload to the Buddhist Association of the unified space, and each user can choose according to their own needs, modification. This is to avoid material be, they can take care of the actual needs of teachers, scholars all over the world. Jiangxi Buddhist College Teaching in the courses on meditation, meditation, Zen Buddhist temple set up such as "Bao Xun etc.. Every year for the community held a short meditation camp.