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The Buddha law school. Indian master line to visit Tiantong Temple

The Buddha law school. Indian master line to visit Tiantong Temple

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In May 11th, the law school. The Buddha Indian master line visit Tiantong temple. By the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the current president of the Buddhist temple abbot,. In the warm reception.

The current Dean of integrity. The Buddha monk, to strive to cultivate and foster a love for the motherland, a Buddhist knowledge, determined to engage in the cause of Buddhism and to lead the four disciples of Buddhism to the faculty, teaching, learn to repair both, patriotism, preaching and enhance students' stick to the letter, to precepts, repair integrated solutions for the corresponding to the contents of the Convention and the traditional system, the cultivation of students' ability to actively adapt to the times, to enable students to have the skillful means, rightopportunity deeds public interest, harmonious to adapt to the changing reality.

In order to speed up the modern Buddhism education concept, new school library collection of more than 30000 copies, now, each classroom is equipped with a PPT projector, the office of academic affairs, the master computer, copy room, office, each equipped with a master computer. Modern educational facilities goods are available in all varieties..

At present, the creation of three classes, the class of law (the main research three parts), duration of three years, two preparatory classes, 2 years of schooling. Next year undergraduate classes, four years of schooling. At present, the number of students is about 90 people, master 23, 10 permanent staff. The proportion of religious teaching, curriculum culture curriculum accounted for 70%, accounted for about 20%, accounting for about 10% of political lesson.