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Fujian Institute of Buddhism is nothing more than a visit Tiantong Temple master

Fujian Institute of Buddhism is nothing more than a visit Tiantong Temple master

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In May 11th, Fujian Institute of Buddhism is nothing more than a visit Tiantong temple master. By the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the current president of the Buddhist temple abbot,. In the warm reception.

Fujian Buddhist Institute sponsored by the contemporary Buddhist monk yuan Zhuo master, master, and the master general, approved by the Fujian Provincial People's government and the State Bureau of religious affairs, was founded in the spring of 1983, belonging to the provincial Buddhist college. Male, female all the two department. The men of the three model homes in the Jungle -- Putian Guanghua temple, a beautiful environment, quiet and pleasant. The women of the site is located in Fuzhou city Beijiao Chongfu temple.

The college undergraduate (Bachelor only do two times, enter oneself for an examination, the preparatory school graduates and teachers due to financial problems such as discontinued), matriculation, training education of two years. The course aims to have the order, a systematic study, to enable students to master certain knowledge of Buddhism and cultural knowledge, and cultivate their ability to study Buddhism course. Over the years the school curriculum more or less the same, by law, the interpretation of the theory, Jie Dinghui as the center, from the theory to the teaching practice to carry out the principle of open, while the auxiliary language, history, politics and life course.

The foundation as an example, the course is the Lotus Sutra, wuliangshoujing, Amitabha Sutra to solution, into the required goods, readings, Brahma net Sutra of the Bodhisattva Precepts, monk, law instrument, four discipline, four ordinances, the roof is a teaching concept tsunamune, KOSHA, 100 Famingmen theory Chung, twenty, eight rules consciousness, consciousness, the thirty song song of India, the history of Buddhism, Buddhist history and Chinese calligraphy Chinese, speech, singing, etc..