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The Mahayana Temple presided over the East long really a visit Chinese elders Ningbo Tiantong Temple

The Mahayana Temple presided over the East long really a visit Chinese elders Ningbo Tiantong Temple

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In May 11th, Japan hosted the East Mahayana Temple elders long really a visiting Chinese Ningbo Tiantong temple. By the vice president of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association, Ningbo Buddhist Association President, Tsz Wan Shan Buddhist Institute in Tiantong Temple abbot hospitality.

Visiting personnel and good luck Tezumi Onotetsushi, blessed Temple live, wild, history, East Temple for vocational Pye, Yue Lin Si Jie live post SUZUKI, the Xing Si side live post Takahara Takama, Chang Chang Temple live post Sasaki, health, Land Temple live post Shinozaki content etc..

At ten thirty in the morning, Tiantong Temple Buddha shines, cigarettes and prayer in Tiantong Temple abbot and Mahayana Temple Abbot Dong Long true elders gathered chanting hall, burning incense, worship, and then to the penetration of General Jackson Memorial chant dielectric.

Dong Long Memory and the elders have really tells the story of Chentong Yisuke Jackson on the Buddhism's contribution, in 1265 sixth years after the death of Dogen sailing into the song, he is the third generation of Yongping Temple abbot, and Mahayana temple kaishanzushi. As early as 700 years ago, in order to learn the Dharma, not far away, not afraid of hardships and dangers, to follow the Tiantong temple, Zen meditation, learning manners.

He was China for more than four years, many famous temples. Especially in the Senate, meticulous painting Ningbo Tiantong temple, Yu Wang Temple and the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, Jingci temple, Wanshou Temple of the "Wu Shan Keng Shan ten figure". He put the Wushan ten brake palace building doors and windows, some instruments, painting is very detailed, standard size. Later, when he returned home, he brought back to Japan, Cao Dongzong Buddhist temples in Japan has become the building foundation. There is an important literature in Japan, is a national treasure.

In April 16, 2010, Japan held the Tiantong Temple Mahayana temple Kaiyama Tetsumichiyoshisuke Jackson Memorial will fall into.

Ancient cloud: dripping grace, Yongquan. Today to commemorate the penetrating comments made to the dielectric Zen Buddhism's contribution, as they should be grateful, the debt of gratitude. Therefore, the East long really elders to Tiantong temple, to commemorate the memory of the past monks monks, this is a very meaningful thing. Through this visit, the two countries Buddhist disciples, not to forget the previous method of spirit, and make communication Tiantong temple and temple of Mahayana Buddhism culture has a long history, the shine of Cao Dongzong.

"Japan Mahayana temple Kaiyama Tetsumichiyoshisuke Jackson Memorial and East Grand true elders hand written" for emulsion with "horizontal inscribed board, is the Sino Japanese friendly witness about China and Japan in Tiantong Temple Mahayana temple in fine threads continuously.

Tiantong temple is the ancestral home of the Japanese caodong sect, received many Japanese Zen monk, in October 6, 2013, President of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot master delegation was invited to attend the international credibility in Zen culture exchange "and" the hole on the ink research association was founded 10 years commemorative meeting, by the Mahayana temple in Vocational Dong Long really long waiting for the warm reception. The integrity of the mage and at the meeting to Tiantong temple and Japanese Zen caodong sect of the long history of cultural exchanges "as the theme, to an exciting and successful speech.

A: Mr. To Takama calendar: born in Kyoto Dan wave the Shingon temples, 1954 -1955 year in Japan Cao Dongzong big mountain temple set in practice, in 1960 graduated from the Department of Zen Buddhism, Komazawa University, 1962 completion of the masters program at the University of India, in 1969 by the Japanese Buddhist teaching award, in 1987 won the degree of doctor of literature Komazawa University, 1996 -2002 president to women's University, concurrently Komazawa university president, 1996 -2002 president of Buddhist Association of Japan, Japan India Buddhist Association President.2002 - Ren Dong has seventy-second generations of Xiangshan Mahayana Temple Hill (chair), in 2008 as Cao Dongzong Zen temple, founded in May, in 2013 the world meditation center and served as the person in charge.