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The integrity of the monk was invited to attend the Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) opening ceremony

The integrity of the monk was invited to attend the Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) opening ceremony

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In May 17th, the integrity of the monk was invited to attend the Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) opening ceremony, Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) inaugurated and snow capped mountains of Maitreya Buddhist College, Wenzhou College of Buddhism and Tiantai Buddhist Academy Award Ceremony was held in Xuedou Maitreya college, Zhejiang Province, the people were appointed, Ningbo Municipal United Front Work Department, the Public Complaints Bureau. The Buddhist Association of China, the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Fenghua, the relevant departments of the municipal government leaders and celebrities, Buddhism and Buddhist College students academic representatives, lay more than 2000 people attended the opening ceremony.

Zhejiang Province, ethnic and Religious Committee Director Feng Zhili, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee, mayor Lu Ziyue, the Buddhist Association of China Administration Department of the Master Wang "Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips)" school opening, at the same time, Feng Zhili and Wan Yawei, vice mayor of Ningbo municipal government, Wenzhou municipal government deputy secretary Zheng Zhaoyang, vice mayor of Taizhou city Dong Guibo Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) three branch award. Yi Tibetan monk announced that Zhejiang Buddhism Buddha (chips) and Xuedou Maitreya college, Wenzhou Institute of Buddhism and Tiantai Buddhism college inaugurated ceremony ended successfully. Subsequently, leaders and guests in Xuedou mountain Zi Sheng Temple "Great Buddha archway photo.

Ten thirty, Xuedou mountain Zi Sheng Temple also held the 500 Arhats method for monks, Buddhist monks from Ningbo, all the temple monks and participate in the awarding ceremony of the Buddhist monk, believers and more than 600 people involved in law, Yi Tibetan monk, macro of mage, light spring and still integrity, monk, but monk master mage dozens of airlines Monks in Longhua plant, chanting and praying, pray for world peace, peace and prosperity, good weather, long live the law would be great, solemn and grand ceremony, the scene.

"Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips)" Xuedou Maitreya Institute organized by the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City Buddhist Association, Fenghua Buddhist Association, Xuedou mountain Zi Sheng Temple hosted, for our Chinese department senior Buddhist college.

Maitreya Institute of Buddhism as Xuedou mountain Maitreya Bodhisattva should be an important part of track field, active learning and teaching in Maitreya to promote Maitreya, Maitreya, in order to promote the ideological features, law consciousness as a starting point, highlighting the "Humanistic Buddhism" concept, to play with the overall goal of creating "the five great Buddhist mountains", and has gradually formed its own characteristics and brand, will continue to deepen the research on the construction of Maitreya law school, Maitreya pure land school, Maitreya school, school motto: to guide, to experience, study and practice, advancing with the times.

Adhering to the "Shao Buddha, Buddha and burdens of family business" thought, to the supreme teachings to charm, to the Buddha for discipline as the criterion, to Maitreya art training features, to the Buddhist middle way reality purport to cultivate patriotism, law-abiding, religious belief, education and modern monk, carry forward the only method. The school become the Maitreya culture research center.

The college was founded in 1995 in Maitreya Training School of the original temple, located on the legal circulation at the upstairs, condition is very simple; after 18 years of development, has built the Hua Linyuan and yuan, in 2007 September formally established the Maitreya Buddhist Institute, 2011 March, the formal establishment of the Ministry of women.

Now the Buddhist Institute, school facilities perfect, school conditions gradually mature, the experience of running a school is becoming more and more perfect, and gradually formed its own advantages and characteristics. In 2013 June, officially declared to build "Zhejiang Buddhist College Xuedou Maitreya college, in November 28th received the National Education Bureau approved. Today, Chinese senior Buddhist Institute Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) and Xuedou Maitreya college officially approved.