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The Hongkong Buddhist Association Secretary General release his ci master line visit Tiantong Temple

The Hongkong Buddhist Association Secretary General release his ci master line visit Tiantong Temple

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In May 20th, the Hongkong Buddhist Association Secretary General Explanation play chi master line of more than 60 people to visit Tiantong temple, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk met with integrity passion play's secretary general, the integrity of monk introduced Tiantong temple history to the guests, the origin of Buddhism in Ningbo and the Hongkong Buddhist Association and the Ningbo City Buddhist Association; to strengthen the communication between the expression of Buddhism, promotion of cross-strait cultural exchanges will. Finally, good faith to the guests with the monk gave a present.

Jueguang was the founder of the Buddhist Association of Hongkong, Kami Masa, Hongkong Lotus Society Guanzong Temple founder and spiritual teacher.

In May 16, 1919, when the elder was born in northeastern China's Liaoning Yingkou County Zhuang Tun (this is a tiger town of Dashiqiao city).

In 1929, then with the ferry from Yingkou to Shanghai south the temple monks, Farmington Antong, word sent to Liaoning Qianshan Pilu pie inheritance. In 1930, with the green of a monk went to Zhejiang Ningbo Tiantong Temple participation (Tiantong temple and Yangzhou Gaomin temple, Zhenjiang temple, Changzhou Tianning Temple of Zen Buddhism are collectively referred to as the China four jungle). In October, about three Tiantong Temple altar in this, the master Yuan Ying compassion acceptance, an exception to the normal at the tender age of eleven ordained, gave Farmington night light. Ming Yang master (when he was fifteen years old, Tiantong Temple five elders of the house a year full twenty ordained) and master Yin Shun (at the age of 25 years old), all at the same time ".

In 1932, the arrangement of the master Yuan Ying to is located in Ningbo city in view of the temple. In the generation of Zong Dade, to teaching concept -- fortieth -- III master Dixian founded the concept learning in society, until 1939 before and after a total of eight years. From the primary school or church and foundation, the society for the study of the intermediate (secondary), to a senior Dharma Agency (positive), every three years, a systematic research on the classics, law, monk taught. By the forty-fourth generation of Tiantai Sect doctrine, the total Bao Jing master.

In 1945 October, the victory of the Anti Japanese war. Sleep, people from Guangxi back to Hongkong, living in the Po static master had left the Fanling Jing Lu (this Hongkong Guanzong Temple predecessor). At the same time, hire a Wong Nai Chung Road seven two buildings, set out to restore the Baojing master founded land Dojo, Xianghai Lotus Society (later changed. Now Kami Masa Lin Association). Holding culture, poor, release, Li Chan, preaching, building temples, Unity Church and a myriad of Dharma propagation activities. Virtual cloud, Kenji, law, Dao An, Margaret TING FANG, Dingxi, Pei, Fa Ke, acting master Tan Xu, then, that other monks have method to play driving, declared the dharma. The same year, and then master, master, master board and tan, Margaret Ting mage, Mao Rui Mao master, master, master, Kenji Chen Jingtao scholar, Wang Xueren scholar, Lin Lengzhen scholar, CO sponsored by the Hongkong Buddhist Association, founded, served as its first director. (the Hongkong Buddhist Association history was founded in 1930, was known as the Hongkong Buddhist Association, 1943 renamed the Chinese Buddhist association. The end of World War Two, Hongkong light, renamed the Hongkong Buddhist association. )

Jueguang since 1950, served as the two session of the Hongkong Buddhist Association, director, since 1952, served as general director in 15 years. 1967, was elected president of popular, until now, has won the forty-three session (the Hongkong Buddhist Association articles of association of the year).

Jueguang was thirty's Ningbo Guanzong Temple School, close to the generation of Buddhist master Bao Jing master. In one nine three, a treasure public view in compulsory school for poor children, and carry out Buddhist education, it influences deeply on division.