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The integrity of the abbot with Japanese rissho Kosei Kai a letter of delegation of teaching area

The integrity of the abbot with Japanese rissho Kosei Kai a letter of delegation of teaching area

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The morning of June 5, 2014, Japan rissho Kosei Kai a letter of support mayor Yoshida Taka led the delegation of 25 people in a row to visit Tiantong temple. Vice president of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Buddhism, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk Abbot room in good faith warmly received the delegation.

Rissho Kosei Kai is one of Japan's largest in the Buddhist community, with 6000000 followers, has great influence in Japan and the world religion, is one of the main pillars of the three countries meeting in japan. The pilgrims visiting Buddha mark, is the culture of the backbone.

The integrity of the abbot of the delegation a warm welcome, the Tiantong temple history, Cao Dongzong mozhao Zen inheritance and practice to complete the guests. Especially in detail such as net master Dogen Yu Tiantong at the good karma, praised the Dogen create Japan caodong sect, and made outstanding contributions to the Sino Japanese Buddhist cultural exchanges! For the Japanese Buddhist exchanges in the future, the integrity of the abbot is full of confidence and expectations. Yoshida Takanori, President of Tiantong Temple abbot of the integrity of the detailed introduction of gratitude, and look forward to the opportunity to personally experience the mozhao Zen Tiantong temple.

Finally, the two sides exchanged gifts, the integrity of the handwriting of the abbot of Zen tea blindly increase the calligraphy, gave Li Zhengjiao a letter to the Chinese delegation.