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The integrity of monk dream. In Presbyterian hundredth birthday

The integrity of monk dream. In Presbyterian hundredth birthday

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On 28 2014 (lunar new year in June) morning in Hunan Xiangyin China integrity of the monk Temple eight fingers Tuo Memorial opened after the event in the afternoon to the Mount Wutai was completed, in dream and Presbyterian hundredth birthday. Tibetan monks morning. More than 5000 people gathered in Mount Wutai Tong Temple, held for a period of three days the whole mountain Pugh, offering method, to pray with the old monk Sambo is four light, long life.

The dream and the elders is known as the "light" in the mountains, is one of the contemporary Buddhism rare old master, his life experience is rich, proficient in the cases of the essence, way of harmony, exemplary learning for contemporary science. Dream and old monk had called "awakening", he thought that he did not feel not wake up, coupled with the dream for their own karma monk, named "dream".

In 1915, the dream was born in Heilongjiang county and the elders opening (today's Jilin Province, Baicheng area). The 16 year old monk, who has been to study Ci Zhou, virtual cloud, master Tan Xu, Hong Yi, ladies. After the master Nenghai invited to Tibet for ten years, has been teaching at the Beijing Chinese Academy of Buddhism, Buddhist college. In 1987 the United States since the Dharma, edge peak, in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, preaching, and often random discovery, connecting different beings.

The old monk elders dream since the later times and elders. The double, but never in a school of life itself, but you never speak feast, the edge, forming method. From the beginning of 2001, the dream was invited to Mount Wutai old resident pushou Temple preaching, and guide the Holy Baoshan willing to Temple monks retreat. Focuses on the theory, the Sutra, Ksitigarbha, classic and Mahayana Prajna Dharma.

The testimony of the history of one hundred years of ups and downs China old life, master Bingcheng Hirohito, discipline, often exhorted his disciples said: "I like mountain, probably in the mountains to live more time. No matter the Mount Wutai, Yandang Mountain, as long as the temple in the mountains, I live in and feel very quiet, very comfortable". The old monk and mountain jungle is not the general conditions.