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The integrity of the monk went to Japan to participate in the Hokkaido central temple through first Nanze Taoist yonehisa celebr

The integrity of the monk went to Japan to participate in the Hokkaido central temple through first Nanze Taoist yonehisa celebr

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In July 10th, the integrity of the monk and the president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang province Xuedou Temple Abbot Yi Tibetan monk, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Guoqing Temple abbot, Yun concept and Chang, Asoka Temple Abbot master and generation of Yinshan Hangzhou temple, temple, mirror, Huzhou Baique temple and a line of 19 master, arrive Hokkaido central temple called Nanze road at noon that day, evening to participate in the "big mountain Eiheiji side through first the central temple live post Nanze Taoist yonehisa Congratulations", from the Chinese and Japanese Buddhist community elders and Buddhists of the mountains more than 400 people attended the dinner.

Minamisawa Michihito in the last century 80's began, has been committed to the Sino Japanese Buddhist cultural exchanges. He went from Ningbo and Tiantai, Hangzhou, where there are Buddhist activities, he will come to, especially in Tiantong Temple of Cao Dongzong Buddhist cause a great interest in the ancestral home, he made a great contribution to the Buddhism culture!

In the day, we visited the Hokkaido Yaowang temple, Kyoto tofukuji, bang the Todaiji Temple and master Jian Zhen once in tin Toshodai temple, Fukui Eiheiji Tokyo Komazawa University and Asakusa temple, pine temple.

At the same time, courtesy of King Tanaka Shimoto, the central temple temple live post live post Minamisawa Michihito, Eiheiji through first Fukuyama sacca, Toshodai temple Ishida Chizu elder, Komazawa University, public university council chief Ikeda Ru grew up Valley Tetsuo you elders and professor and vice governor Shi Peng Boying, Fukui Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Tourism Department of tourism promotion division Matsuo Daisuke and Fukui County Deputy Hirano Eiheiji town long letter two hospitality, both sides will have to sit on and exchange, said that in the future to for Sino Japanese Buddhist cultural exchanges to make continued efforts, and to learn the fine tradition of the young monks and fearless spirit of enlightenment, for the twenty-first Century world peace greater contribution.