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Ningbo City Buddhist Association in Lishui city to carry out "the five water cohabitation" poverty alleviation and reconstructio

Ningbo City Buddhist Association in Lishui city to carry out "the five water cohabitation" poverty alleviation and reconstructio

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Four plenary session of the thirteen session of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee made "a total of five water treatment decisions: the implementation of wastewater treatment, flood water, drainage water, protection of water, water-saving catch" a total of five water governance initiatives. The Buddhist Association of Ningbo Province, the positive response of the people were appointed "a total of five water treatment, five peer" initiative, Suichang County, Lishui city and county and the economic underdevelopment of the five ethnic minority village, to aid the poverty alleviation work, love and money supply, improve water conservation and wastewater treatment, drinking water and sewage the problem, improve the quality of life of local people.

On the morning of August 11th, Ningbo City Buddhist Association, President of the integrity of the monk led group of five poor villages to Suichang County of Lishui City, and to carry out reconstruction work in Yunhe County, poverty alleviation. For each village donated four Buddhist disciples money 200000 yuan, a total of 1000000 yuan. The participation of Ningbo City Buddhist Association of poverty alleviation and reconstruction work for key personnel are: Vice President, provincial Buddhist Association, City Buddhist Association in Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity, vice president of Ningbo City, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Buddhist Lin Linchang Ms. Xu Wenfang, Xiangshan Buddhist Association vice president and secretary general, Xiangshan Yuquan temple. But Tzu Chi Hospital mage, Dong Qian vice president and secretary general, association of Hufo Daci Temple Dongqian Lake prison hospital constant mage, City Buddhist Association director of the office of Ms. Zhou Yeqian.

After 5 hours, from 11 noon to Suichang County, Lishui City, vice mayor Ma Zhaofa, the deputy minister, Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department and the United Front Work Department of the blue good secretary Lan Yiping cordial reception.

In the afternoon, accompanied by Minister of the United Front under the blue county, Da zhe town rushed to the mountain villages. Zhexi village on the mountain villages of minority villages, the total population of 321 people, the village collective economy is weak, the annual per capita income of only 7500 yuan. Because of the special geographical environment of villages, when the dry season will encounter with the water shortage, caused great distress to the villagers' daily life, is the village people heart disease has been the "". The integrity of a braved the heat to the mountain village to inspect tank, sewage pipe network and other infrastructure construction. When the reservoir due to lack of funds and in disrepair, the integrity of the abbot deep hope the aid charity funds, can resolve the difficult problem of drinking water daily to bring real help. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, the town Party Secretary Xu Genming said: Zhejiang province zhe Zhen is the typical less developed areas, the lack of funds, the village collective economy is weak, there are a lot of people's livelihood facilities due to suffer from a lack of funds, and has not carried out the construction. The integrity of the abbot aid activities, is the real timely, is all high village gospel. Da zhe town will make full use of reconstruction funds, real let this precious funds play its use, become the key to solve the problem. Finally, on behalf of the integrity of the abbot of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo will be 200000 yuan of money to Zhexi on village Party Secretary Fu Yuebin hands. It is reported that the funds will be used to water conservancy facilities construction of natural village mountain, is expected after the completion of the project will be to improve the current situation of the villagers drinking water is difficult.

Yu Xiang Gao Bi Cun San Ren, is another village, the construction of water conservancy poverty. High Pitt Street Village, a total population of 1542 people, of which the population of 394 people, the village collective annual income of 61700 yuan, 11010 yuan annual income for living. At present, the village sewage is discharged directly into the river, downstream water pollution, water and farming, also led to the pollution in the river sediment. Ningbo City Buddhist Association donated 200000, clean up the project to build the village sewage disposal engineering and river.

7 the morning of the 12 day, the president has the integrity of delegation, to continue to carry out poverty alleviation aided Yunhe County from Suichang county. Lan Xianfen, vice head of the county and county, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, the case of the Secretary Song Zhiwei, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Lishui City, Hui cloud temple Abbot silence where the master line as the local poverty aid guide.

The first morning, rushed to the streets of Lantau Peak, Longcun. Mei Longcun two kilometers from the county, which belongs to the integration of urban and rural areas, mainly engaged in the manufacture of toys, edible fungus and medicinal herbs planting, animal husbandry, developing rapidly in recent years. But the narrow road, the block of buildings scattered, population density, infrastructure is very backward, but by two yuan in urban and rural areas especially the system barrier, the production of sewage is not included in the municipal pipe network, mixed rain and sewage, sewage straight row of long-standing phenomenon, caused strong dissatisfaction of the masses. Ningbo City Buddhist Association donated 200000 money, will be used for the construction of sewage treatment works, the laying of pipelines, sewage interception nanotube, rain sewage diversion, road hardening measures such as the block, after the completion of the sewage can be directly connected to the city sewer. Long plagued the local sewage crosscurrent stink to high heaven, and the ash of sunshine a suit, wet mud, "stubborn" will be completely radical. Directly benefit the masses more than 2000 people.

Mei Longcun village, the village of integrity for water and sewage pipeline construction project

Ningbo Buddhist Association Longcun sewage water conservancy project construction, the donation ceremony

Then, to the three Dragon Hill Street Village, three village population of thousands of people, the villagers to grow edible fungus and medicinal materials for students, low income, the total annual income of only a few million yuan village. At present, trapped in the drinking water pipeline is obsolete, iron pipe rust and decay, leakage, the lack of pressure, leading to more than a thousand villagers living water is extremely inconvenient, due to lack of funds, the new water project has been delayed. 200000 yuan donation Ningbo City Buddhist Association donated will be used up 700 meters, water, avoid water pollution, and the new reservoir and around the village of new water pipe system, greatly improve the village water difficult, directly benefit the masses more than a thousand.

The three door village, the construction of good faith, the upstream water tank and pipeline filter

Ningbo Buddhist Association has three village water project donation ceremony

We rushed to the last stop: Anxi Yu Wu Cun village. The Buddhist Association of Ningbo city by the delegation, to Wu Village, by the local villagers shes warm welcome and dance add to the fun. Vice president of the Buddhist Association director Xu Wenfang and Zhou also give love, give the people a variety of small gifts, both enjoyable and touching scene, devotion. Then introduced the basic situation and the use of donation Wu village. Wu village is pure the She ethnic minority village, located 8 kilometers south of the mountains, the population of 189 people. Wu village has a profound cultural heritage, the wedding, the totem culture, she dances, she costumes passed so far, often hold the antiphonal singing, dancing, festivals and other cultural activities. Party committee of the village as a positive, carry out shareholding system promotion, the months of construction of the Anxi hydropower station, known as the miracle of Anxi. 200000 yuan donations will be donated to the village sewage treatment system, and the levee construction, help solve the flooding and drainage Wu Cun, the early realization of the "modern weapons" village planning.

The people were singing and dancing to welcome the integrity of a monk

Ningbo City Buddhist Association took out a large number of small gifts of the people, to the satisfaction of all

Ningbo Buddhist Association reconstruction Wu Village sewage project and flood control dam on the donation ceremony

After two day of travel, Ningbo City Buddhist Association has successfully completed in the integrity of the monk group under the guidance of the "five water cohabitation, five peer" poverty action. The support of the 5 poor villages in a county of Lishui City, donated a total of Buddhism donations 1000000 yuan, directly benefiting 5000 people. This can not only solve the present situation of local water, sewage, water must also pass a positive energy, Ningbo Buddhism four disciples of charity, deepened the Han Yu group two the national feelings of the people to make contributions to build a beautiful Zhejiang.