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Taiwan Fo Guang University professor Xiangzhou tour visit Tiantong Temple

Taiwan Fo Guang University professor Xiangzhou tour visit Tiantong Temple

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In June 10th, Taiwan Fo Guang University professor for a swim Xiangzhou visit Tiantong temple, accompanied by the chairman Weng Guowei, Tianma Group Ningbo Shuxie President Hu Maowei, executive president of Hu Maowei Malaysia Taoyuan college, doctor Du, by the vice president of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association, Ningbo Buddhist Association President, Tsz Wan Shan Buddhist Institute in Tiantong Temple abbot hospitality.

At the forum, Professor Yu mentioned in March 27th, the United Nations president Xi Jinping's visit to Paris in France and the UNESCO headquarters, and published on the exchanges and mutual learning among human civilizations speech. In his speech, the President Xi mainly discusses 3 problems. First, the origin of war in the minds of men, it is in the minds of people required to put up barriers to defend the peace. Second, due to the exchange and colorful culture, due to mutual learning and rich civilization; civilization exchanges and mutual learning, is an important driving force to promote the progress of human civilization and world peace and development. Third, people with culture, so that human progress and cultural power, promote the creative transformation of the Chinese civilization and the development of innovative.

Also mentioned that the visit and speech of President Xi, creating more than the first: first of all, China the first head of state to visit the headquarters of UNESCO; second, Chinese heads of state on the world stage for the first time the development of civilization as the theme made a public speech; third, Chinese leaders hitherto unknown to a comprehensive discussion of the China of Buddhism the process and significance. UNESCO will call it a "historic visit".

In his speech, the President Xi Jinping repeatedly referred to religion, especially for the diversity of religion in the world, and the interactions between the three world religions and China culture to be a high degree of recognition.

In his speech, the President Xi inked up human culture is a form of buddhism. President Xi also specially discusses the value and significance of Famen Temple, emphasizing not only to appreciate more as cultural relics, to revive its spiritual value. President Xi Jinping stresses the role of culture is not accidental. After 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has made great progress, has become the world's largest economy. After the basic realization of economic modernization, the importance of cultural development, the spirit of modernization has become increasingly prominent. Today's Chinese society, morality and the degree of civilization of people obviously do not match with the level of economic development, short board has become the cause of modernization. This not only reduces the happiness of the people, affecting social harmony, but also damage the international image of China. As President Xi said: "to achieve the dream of China, is the result of mutual promoting the balanced development of material civilization and spiritual civilization." "The Chinese nation has long been yearning to ." "The Chinese nation has long been yearning to enrich people's material life worry free, fully sublimated moral realm Datong world. The Chinese civilization has always put people into the life and spiritual life of social ideal." "As China's economic and social development, the Chinese civilization will keep pace with the times and full of vitality."

In traditional Chinese culture, the President Xi repeatedly mentioned the Buddhism also has a profound realistic background. Since the modern times, the Confucianism as the representative of the Chinese traditional culture impact. Today, the system is still not established tradition of Confucian culture, Taoism as China indigenous religion, its current situation and expectations there is a large gap. In Buddhism and Taoism, the Buddhist development is relatively good, has gradually become the most important carrier of China cultural renaissance. Since the new century Chinese Buddhism, has set up the cultural consciousness, take the initiative to participate in the creative transformation of Chinese civilization and the development of innovative historical flood.

You said, Ningbo Buddhism has a lofty historical position, while the Tiantong temple has a far-reaching influence at home and abroad, the future must be more carry forward, carry forward the culture of Zen Buddhism, for example.