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University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist Studies director Yan empty master line visit Tiantong Temple

University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist Studies director Yan empty master line visit Tiantong Temple

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In July 4th, University of Hong Kong research center director Yan empty Buddhist master line visit Tiantong temple, the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang province by the vice president of Ningbo, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Tsz Wan Shan Buddha, Dean, Tiantong Temple abbot hospitality.

In exchange, the integrity of the monk said Tiantong temple is a famous temple of Zen Buddhism in china. The temple was built in the Jin Dynasty, dating back more than one thousand years of history, there have been a lot of Zen sect and Zen monk. The mozhao Zen sect since Taka Hiroshijimasa Jackson to become one of the most important Zen zen. In Cao Dongzong Jackson as net to actively promote the continuous developing, the Tiantong temple to Japan, taking root in japan. Tiantong temple has thus become the birthplace of caodong sect. Lin Ji Zen due to promote cloud round to continue to carry forward the circular to Jackson. Jackson has therefore been called the father of the Rinzai zte. The important position of Tiantong temple a link between past and future in the history of the Chinese Zen buddhism.

In the late Qing Dynasty, the south of Fujian Province, Tiantong Temple monks, can obtain good Buddhism xunxi and legal relationship, but also influenced by Buddhist thought.

The period of the Republic of China, the master Yuan Ying and Master Taixu met in Ningbo Tiantong temple, jointly determined to reform Buddhism, is the revitalization of Chinese buddhism. Buddhist College, founded "Zhangzhou Nanshan school", the Wuchang Buddhist Institute, cultivate a large number of new monks, attracted the attention of the society. The famous master Yin Shun is the palm of Fujian Institute of buddhism.

Taixu rabbi in Tiantong temple as a blueprint, Xiamen South Putuo Temple Temple system for children ten jungle and selection system, Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple, Edward Temple, Nanan small temple Xuefeng also followed suit, changed to ten jungle and selection system, and based on this, the change and the revival of Buddhism in the south of Fujian Province. At that time, China has become one of the most important areas in the revival of buddhism. Minnan Buddhist circles have founded the Buddhist publications, such as "Buddha", "Buddhism", Journal of the group. The publication of the spread of Buddhism, the spread of Buddhism Buddhist theory, communication of information, to guide the Buddhist community change, have a positive impact on the larger.

University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist Studies director Yan empty master also introduced the history of University of Hong Kong, communication, Buddhist studies, University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist studies was established in March 2000, University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong has a long history, Chinese and Western Cultural Exchange Center to. The mainland, Chinese, since the opening up, the development of religion, Buddhism and hidden talent resource rich; have the whole world in view, around the study of Buddhism thriving, All flowers bloom together. The status of Hongkong is superior, can take the overseas director. Is the need to meet the need of the era and the society.

University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist studies was founded to enhance Chinese Buddhist research status in the International Buddhist studies, but also learning and research through the integration of Buddhism and other disciplines, to create new ways of thinking for the study of Buddhism, Buddhist Studies; for the society, to adapt to contemporary society through the research center of Buddhist ethics mode, seeking the spiritual a way out for the lost generation, based on Chinese traditional culture to increase the cohesion and confidence of Hong Kong people; the development of Buddhism, Buddhism research center through the teaching, make people aware of pure Buddhism, to explore how the wisdom of Buddha to resolve the various problems in today's society, the Buddhist way of keeping pace with the times, make the Buddhism into the mainstream of society, changing people's perception of the buddhism.

Center for Buddhist studies was established with the objective is to introduce the basic theory of Buddhism to the students, and focuses on the Dharma and practical, so that students can apply the knowledge of Buddhism in modern society. Therefore, the establishment of University of Hong Kong Center for Buddhist studies, to create a new era of Buddhism in Hongkong, has a long way to go, which had a great effect, it is of far-reaching significance.