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Ningbo City, the lion will love service at Tiantong Temple Abbot monk please speak Dharma integrity of discovery

Ningbo City, the lion will love service at Tiantong Temple Abbot monk please speak Dharma integrity of discovery

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The evening of August 16, 2014, Ningbo City, the lion will love service team, a line of more than twenty people, came to the Tiantong Temple Abbot room. Please trust the monk as Dhamma talks as a member.

The lions (Lions Clubs International) founded by Melvin Jones in 1917, is headquartered in Chicago USA, is the world's largest charitable organizations. With 46000 clubs and 1360000 members. Members distributed in 209 countries of the world, members are mainly from the middle class, businessmen and professionals. The purpose of the organization is "we", does not involve politics, religion, race and nationality and other issues, to carry out health care, in the global scope of civic education, disabled elderly care and disaster alleviation, environmental protection and other fields of service project. Chinese Lion Club was founded in 2002, has been distributed to all major provinces and cities nationwide.

Honesty is the discovery of the monk members: some of the meaning of life is selfish, some of the meaning of life is to serve the public. To understand the meaning of life, you must first understand the truth of life: the origin of space law of causality, know good or bad, get good pay, altruism, public service life, is constantly sublimation of life quality of life. Methods the Dharma is the sublimation of life quality, the letter of credit is divided into specific solutions. The letter refers to the wisdom of faith; refers to the discovery and read by listening to understand Buddhist truth; for refers to six million, and explain in detail the giving, precepts, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom of six degrees; syndrome refers to the Buddhist achievements, including the three four Zhi six. And explained the basic doctrine of karma and reincarnation in buddhism.

The integrity of the discovery of monk, hard to explain, explain, which lasted 100 minutes, the audience are subject to legal interests...... When parting, the majority of members are enthusiastic and monk photo.