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Tiantong Temple held possession of the chanting method

Tiantong Temple held possession of the chanting method

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Earth Store Bodhisattva by the wish to, was recorded in the Shakya Muni Dao Buddha in the temple, as his mother say. Jizo Buddha praised the "hell is not empty after, vow Buddhahood, all people are Great Bodhi vows", and introduces the typical examples of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in the practice process, such as the Brahman woman, female save mother's deeds. As to the method of reading and reciting the name of Earth Store Bodhisattva, there are twenty-eight kinds of merit.

Earth Store Bodhisattva to filial piety into big wish method of liberation, we recite the Sutra is also learning to Earth Store Bodhisattva. Their parents with filial piety, this life. Chanting merit, seven points, the first death and is given a score of six, merit, the living self.

Tiantong temple on the evening of August 17th, the four disciples began chanting Sutra method smoke altar ceremony in the main hall, the integrity of the monk master Yang branch, to sprinkle clean water, four disciples recite the great compassion mantra around miss blessing mandala. As he said: the Bodhisattva willow nectar can make a drop of over ten in addition to Hui Juan addition Xingshan deposit as the mandala are quiet.

The next morning, two hundred four disciples in the collective chanting Sutra hall, on the afternoon of three cigarettes, respectively, for a period of seven days. Four the disciples will cherish this rare opportunity, carefully read, the practice of filial piety, both.