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Zhimin guru abhidharmakosa Song Shu commentaries published conference

Zhimin guru abhidharmakosa Song Shu commentaries published conference

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In September 1, 2014, Zhejiang province Shangyu City Bao Temple held a grand master Ji Min "abhidharmakosa Chung Shu variorum" press conference.

Zhimin master, was born in 1927 in Zhejiang of Hangzhou City, young talent wise, not sensitive to. At the age of fifteen with the Buddha heard, immediately give up meat meat, after studying at the University of Shanghai (now Datong traffic university), the well-known method from van ancient agricultural old Buddhist learning phase for many years, in 1954 on the Mount Wutai bridge in the supernatant of cool auspicious law set the master Piti, rely upon the contemporary Buddhist monk can under a Maritime Division learn to repair thirteen years, deep sea guru spiritual heart. At the end of the sea, to the division method as the method is, at heart. Especially for "all abandon" "people who lived in Hong Fai," language, deep, that the world is the key method to cultivate qualified Sangha. As early as in 1962, the young monks began to cool bridge "sparse" Ode to all abandon. Much suffering during the cultural revolution, double leg injury, disability, still does not reduce the desire of preaching, after the Cultural Revolution inherited vision division of the sea, regardless of the disabled body, was in charge of Xiamen in southern Putuo, Putian Guanghua temple, Sichuan Baoguang Temple Buddhist Institute. In order to carry out the teaching plan and design for many years, in 1992 the establishment of a temple. Built in the early beginning, namely, leaning heavily on cultivating Buddhist material, summarize the teaching experience for many years, the division was the school education system there is a lack of the key, is to teach for a repair lost time, on this point, it puts forward the teaching methods of the jungle, the combination of system and the Buddha to act in accordance with your inheritance, according to Buddha forty-nine years of argument order, refer to the "time" and "four essentials" to develop a set of teaching plan, the Buddha taught a generation, skillful, in order to guide, from the fundamental education into consciousness, medium, so as to achieve the highest Dharma very deep origin of space theory.

At nine fifteen in the morning, "" Song Shu abhidharmakosa a press conference about Temple reception room opened. Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk Sichuan Province Chengdu integrity, Zhaojue Temple Abbot monk round illumination algorithms, the Mount Wutai Abbot monk Hisense, President of the Buddhist Association of Shaoxing city net Fang monk, President of the Buddhist Association of Shangyu sea Indian monk, Shaoxing Public Complaints Bureau deputy director Wu Jun, Shaoxing City Buddhist Association the Secretary General Yuan Guohui, Taizhou City Buddhist Association vice Jianchang of Yangtze River, the famous Buddhist scholar Wang Leiquan, Han Tingjie, Liu Luming, Central Research Institute of culture and history, painting and Calligraphy Institute executive president Jiao Ziwei, vice president of Shanghai ancient books publishing house Wang Chun, from across the country hundreds of people participated in the event.

Conference, Bao temple in Teachers "universe of abhidharmakosa Song Shu variorum" publishing to pay hard work from all walks of life were grateful, and introduces the process of developing all abandon the sensitivity. Subsequently, the guru, Zong Zhou Zhimin guru and the four disciples together for the unveiling new book. Vice chairman, provincial Buddhist Association Tiantong Temple Abbot monk, Buddhist Association on behalf of the integrity of the law will be congratulated, and introduced himself at Guanghua Temple Buddhist guru to learn how to sensitive abhidharmakosa the events of the past. Fudan University professor Wang Leiquan recalled, at the beginning of the eighty's and Zhimin teacher acquaintance course, to cultivate the monk Zhimin teacher, preaching career that is amazing. "The anthology" executive editor in the master introduced abhidharmakosa Chung Shu "annotations" after nine years of arduous process of editing. Shanghai ancient books publishing house vice president Wang Chun introduced, publishing sensitive male master magic collection process, and look forward to your feelings. Finally, Zhimin teachers to participate in the activities of the guests and the discovery of the importance of developing Buddhist Abhidharma. The teacher pointed out: "for the modern people's beliefs, all abandon the special is that it can help people to have faith in Buddhism; for the modern people all kinds of trouble, all abandon the special is that it can guide people to relieve the distress; and became a monk abbot of Dharma, the revival of traditional culture, the special is that it all abandon to help the big industry." Finally the lamp song sounded, sensitive male teacher is like a beacon in the dark, with the wisdom to all beings of light. The participants all stood up and I was sitting in a wheelchair in the sensitivity of male teacher left the venue, sensitive male teachers leave, his hands clasped together, with a kindly smile, be reluctant to part of the guests.

Afternoon, opened the curtain of the main forum to promote all abandon you, by watching the video reviews sensitive male teacher all abandon inheritance way, explore the Abhidharma and characteristics of education method, the prospect of future development prospects are give. The sensitivity, the disciple in Chou monk, Zong Zhen monk in abhidharmakosa the macro to promote delivered a keynote speech, said science Temple monk Bao have shown wonderful seminar, warm atmosphere, refreshing, inspired. The conference also donated to Zhejiang University library, Hangzhou library and Shangyu library branch of buddhism.

In fact, today is also the Zhimin master monk sixty anniversary, special master to carry forward the magic weapon to replace the ordinary commemorative activities, reflects a contemporary Buddhist monk was selfless feelings.