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In Zen tea party documentary

In Zen tea party documentary

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In late October 28, 2014 8, Ningbo Tiantong Temple held a party at the New Century Ningbo Grand Hotel in Zen, from all over the world mountains elders, Buddhist monks, experts and scholars, the good faith and leaders at all levels, to feel, to bring the influence of zen.

The party is divided into three tables, each table has a good monk calligraphy Zen calligraphy, have tea the tea ceremony, combined with the color light dark and soothing melodious music, let the guests on the day to relieve the exhausted body and mind, to feel relaxed in Ningbo Zen tea blindly, to the international friends and guests to show tea art reveals the vacant of the heart.

In addition to the tea party, also have a wonderful program viewing. The first is the Tiantong Temple Temple in the song "bell" officially unveiled, "bell" in good faith by the abbot master planning, is the lyricist, composer Wang Shengli (Thailand), Tao Ying Buddhist singing. The lyrics are as follows:

The Millennium Temple Temple, the auspicious clouds float in the air, in the west to sundon, solemn Buddhist temple in the world. For thousands of years the Vatican bell Ming Chang, Wu Ye bloom in Guangxia, good water refers to the month, pure temple pagoda. In Buddhism, Zen Buddhism played silent illumination, choose the dojo, leaving the eternal story; Tiantong Buddhist bells, song harmonious China, jungle temple, linden flowers open.

Then a cool show playing the Guqin "plum blossom"; Zhejiang Buddhist Institute performed Dances "alive"; Dai Bihong performed "brother" from Ningbo opera dazzling spring concentration; Sichuan Opera Face outstanding rookie Niu Xiaoli performed a face "; four householder performing Yang Style Taijiquan; contemporary Guqin Guqin masters, the national outstanding contest" playing the highest award winner Ms. Xiong Yunyun, for it brings "flowing water", "Han Shan monk." the guqin, and personally play "volume curtain", "fireworks and easy cold", "Lanting Pavilion" the order, skilled technique elegant, the sound of melodious song, let a person relaxed and happy.

Finally, all the friends from home and abroad, also have to show for the party to add to the fun. The professor von Brooke, a friend in Holland, Japan, Germany, Taiwan Lin Hai Ootani Tetsuo, South Putuo Zhengxing mage one one stage singing, yoga asana, Qinghai dance also constantly exciting...... Finally, the integrity of the monk and Taiwan Lian Hai led field all guests with the chanting of the six syllable mantra, the party until the late 11 points to end.