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The West hidden temple in 2014 Spring Festival misfortunes praying million Dharma will notice

The West hidden temple in 2014 Spring Festival misfortunes praying million Dharma will notice

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In order to meet the 2014 Spring Festival, happy new year to pray for world peace, peace and prosperity, good weather, the people, the majority of believers to eliminate the disaster avoidance, family peace and prosperity, the six auspicious, West hidden temple in the 8 to eighteen January, held the "2014 spring flood Mingbao misfortunes praying worship Buddha repentance ceremony". By week ten days if the cloud: the Ten Thousand Buddhas repentance can destroy all felony, if a week twenty-one days of Ten Thousand Buddhas repentance, uninterrupted, can never fall into the three evil. "Canon" cloud: "Southern jambudvipa sentient beings, who have decided, no crime, no industry." As a man, as the karma, used by, in order to live, we will unconsciously made a lot of killing, stealing, prostitution and other crimes against many times. These are caused by the evil we family, business flow, life is not happy. The cause is not empty, if you want to avoid calamity, happiness, success from suffering, as Buddhism and Taoism of dimethoate, must first one good deed, Ji Fu industry, in addition to the past sins and repent, eliminate evil karma.

A year's plan starts with spring. At the beginning of this year, the West hidden Temple Yan net temple, banners flying, city airport, to prepare fruit, water incense, qian for Sambo, invites two public order jointly organized the special law, when we grasp this rare opportunity to actively participate in the law would confess Ji Fu, to avoid calamity, happiness happiness, as a special because of Buddhism and taoism.

In addition to the Ten Thousand Buddhas repentance law during worship, also has the Buddha vegetarian day, fifteen amplified Mengshan, Zhifu misfortunes auspicious riches and extension from six families and all karmic creditors into tablets, for the Buddha, a monk, released, temple, flowers and other offerings, shadow project, is a method of spiritual feast.

The person is rare, fortunately, their special method, the opportunity, we are the majority of believers to join, to get the joy, receive the same benefit, a total of Mu vaughn.

The following specific registration:

1, love to teach the faith, pure, healthy, no bad habits; in the age between 16 to 60 years old can attend.

2, who participated in the law, please call to determine a good, arrange accommodation and worship site etc..

3, who came to the temple, please bring my ID card, to the free into the world of jade garden area, at the same time with Hai Qing and daily life activities.

4, the temple during the accommodation fee of $30 per day.

5, is for time: 2014 to eighteen on the eighth day of the first lunar month.

6, the registration time: from now until the seventh day of the seventh lunar month day.

7, the time of registration:

Volunteer: (1) lunar lunar January 5 ~ 6.

(2) students: lunar lunar January 6 to eight in early morning.

8, place: West Temple sitting room

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