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The New Year bell to cancel the event notification

The New Year bell to cancel the event notification

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Long Bai, Zen gardens through the ages. In the care of leaders at all levels under the guidance of the government, both at home and abroad and social friends from all walks of life and Buddhist abbot monk, in good faith under the leadership of Tiantong Temple ushered in the brilliant today, can be described as the Buddha light, Buddhist teaching.

The temple has always been the spirit of Bodhisattva spirit of Mahayana Buddha land benefiting sentient beings, in a variety of Dharma propagation way, many friends, economy of the world. In recent years, a bell tower in the old new year's Eve bells blessing ceremony. Due to my temple tower a narrow staircase, many participants, when walking on the crowded, to everyone's personal safety, avoid the occurrence of accidents, especially decided to cancel the 2015 auspicious New Year blessing bell events.

Mochihiro Ooyoshinobu's friend to be understanding, tell each other to look forward to.

Notice is hereby given.

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