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Tiantong Temple pen and book "in College" ceremony

Tiantong Temple pen and book "in College" ceremony

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The morning of October 29, 2014, the first in China (International) of Zen culture exchange conference and Zen calligraphy pen held in Tiantong Temple law.

Qin Runbo chairman of the CPC Central Committee United Front Work Department of painting and Calligraphy Research Association, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk from extensive repair, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity, Taiwan mercy Buddha college president Hui empty master, Guangdong Huizhou City Buddhist Association, Miao Feng master, President of the Japan International Zen Culture Association Ootani Tetsuo, director of the University of Munich Department of religion von Brook Professor, researcher, China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world religions magazine, the Huang Xianian scholar, Taiwan tour Xiangzhou Buddhist mountains elders and Buddhist monks attend the pen.

A brief opening ceremony held at first. The integrity of the abbot gave the opening speech: the art of Chinese calligraphy and painting, pay attention to the deep flavor, very clever temperament, pay attention to transcendental conception. The Buddhist concept of the universe, his unique sense of responsibility and otherworldly other pursuits, does not have a Chinese painting themes, techniques, style and other aspects of the impact. For example, using the dye method to supplement the traditional line drawing of Zhang Sengyao, in the painting "Vimalakirti figure shows the famous Gu Kaizhi disease", "excellent drawing skills and elegant style known as" Wu Daozi, "Painting-in-poetry There is poetry in a painting.," Wang Wei, "Zhang Diansu" in "the Huai Su monk, the familiar painting and calligraphy art master Buddhism, all without exception and is closely related to. Especially the Zen Buddhism prevailed, with lively vitality to the Chinese painting and calligraphy art. In Tiantong temple's history, there are two good examples. One is a fifteenth Century Japanese famous San Xue Zhou, in the Ming Dynasty Chenghua three years, arriving by boat to Tiantong method, was named the "Ming Dynasty in the first". The magnificent scenery of Taibai Mountain, his landscape painting has a strong flavor of "zhe", at the same time, he has absorbed rich nutrition China in painting techniques, and put it into their own style, and through the realistic created "distance method", has brought huge influence to Japan later art. The second is the "Rinzai ZTE ancestor", "Chong Xing Zu," clouds round to Phil jackson. Wanli fifteen years after the flood, Tiantong temple a thousand things wait to be done, as in the beginning of the reconstruction of cloud temple, had known at the time of heavy Jiangnan calligraphy master Dong Qichang call. When the hall will soon be put into use, Dong Qichang still no shadows, in order not to delay the completion date, Miyun was handwritten -- "the hall of heavenly kings" and "Buddha" "cloud" church "should be Gongtang" meditation "" prophet "Hall" plaque six pieces. Dong Qichang later to see the inscription, dense progenitor, much praise: with simple, stable age! In addition, there are the great master, the master Yuan Ying has left many precious calligraphy calligraphy for Tiantong temple!

The CPC Central Committee United Front Work Department of painting and calligraphy research to congratulate President Qin Runbo spoke to the event. He said: the art of calligraphy and painting is the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and in her heart, longitudinal thousands of miles on a paper, is an important part of Chinese culture. Buddhism into from the theme, content, skills and enrich the Chinese of painting and calligraphy art, calligraphy and Buddhism can be said to meet the each improves by association with the other, and thus came under the indissoluble bound over thousands of years.

University of Munich Dean Professor Brook von religion also made a personal feeling, lists the Buddhism spread from India to China, from China to Japan, from Japan to the trend of the world, in the spirit of the rivers that praise.

The opening ceremony finally, held the opening ceremony, Qin Runbo, Ootani Tetsuo, abbot of the integrity of von Brook, Hui empty master and Huang Xianian together for the "in College".

Zen calligraphy pen then officially began, the mountains elders and Buddhist monks, have in the hall before the ink brush. The integrity of the abbot writes "Zen ink", President Qin Runbo wrote "Buddha shines" "all rivers run into sea" "social commitment" from the East ""...... Ootani Tetsuo's own hand "and from"... You create enthusiasm, excellent work constantly emerging. Method the calligraphy collection exhibition hall on a number of painting and calligraphy exhibition and the temple master of painting and calligraphy, painting calligraphy Zen ink everywhere embodies a elegant. The disciples were also very enthusiastic and excited people gasp in admiration, to pass. Until noon, Zen calligraphy pen ended only in people coming in.