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Tiantong Temple held the first Buddhist meditation activities

Tiantong Temple held the first Buddhist meditation activities

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December 12, 2014 - 14 days, for the first time in meditation for Tiantong temple was held three days to the Buddhist meditation master, master of more than twenty people, a hundred people attended.

This whole language, NFAM, keep the sacred rules of the religious order. In the case of wind, which mean "quietly forget words, into the present", "thought that sleep, sleep is as broken". Buddhist meditation, or held in the hall, from four in the morning to nine thirty in the evening, intensive aroma, sitting between the Zen tea, incense, discovery, and meditation, improve service.

Collaboration, the various departments dedicated meditation Temple master, process, and organize the volunteer team, careful, householders through practice day Tong Chan, bliss, live in the present moment experience.

The integrity of the monk from Beijing meeting to leave, came to participate in the last half of the meditation, and meditation to the significance of the discovery, meditation. The monk said to the Buddhist meditation continue, Tian Tong Chan will spread in the society. This is the Tiantong temple to convene an international conference of Zen culture communication in this year, the establishment of a carry forward the culture of Zen event after the research base in the Zen culture day, children painting and calligraphy.