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In the ninth phase of the patriotic religious training classes to learn.

In the ninth phase of the patriotic religious training classes to learn.

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Editor's note:

The abbot monk faith returning from Beijing, submitted to the relevant departments to report his learning. The integrity of the monk two years ago, as the sole province was awarded the "national advanced individual harmonious Temple (view) to create, this time as the sole province to participate in the" high school "students, and outstanding achievement. Now we have his report material published by readers.

In the ninth phase of the patriotic religious training classes to learn.


I have the honor to participate jointly organized by the central United Front Work Department, Renmin University of China ninth patriotic religious people seminar. The opportunity only once in a blue moon opportunity, excellent! I sincerely thank the party's religious policy, thanks to the central United Front Work Department, the State Bureau of religious affairs, Zhejiang provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee, Ningbo Municipal Committee United Front Work Department, City Bureau of religious affairs, Yinzhou District United Front Work Department, the public Complaints Bureau, and the Buddhist Association, province, city, district Chinese Buddhist Association for the care and support! As a province of the Buddhist community only students went to Beijing to study. At such a high level of religious classes, embodies our party concerned about religion, attach importance to the cultivation of talents of religion, religious people hope young healthy growth; more reflects the party and the country attaches great importance to the religion, the religion and religious work, as to build a harmonious society, realize the the great rejuvenation of the nation, an important force for achieving Chinese dream.

The ancients said: University Road in Mingming, in people, in the aim at absolute perfection. Then there is only known to be, and then be able to be calm, quiet and then to safety, security and then be able to consider, consider and then can get. Materials are wrong, there is always. Knowing which successively, Tao Yi. Of course, the "University" is referred to that university, however, I think it can be interchangeable.

This class consists of five students from all over the country a total of 52 major religions. The term from the beginning of September 11th, ended in December 19th, lasted over a hundred days. The main courses are: Lou Yulie, Zhuo Xinping, Xu Kangsheng, Professor Mou Zhongjian for the students "religious, social and cultural lecture series, Li Qiuling, He Jianming, Wang Yujie, Zhang Fenglei, Wen Jinyu, students speak" the religious history of the world ", Cao Gang said" ethics "; Zang Fengyu said" Introduction to Philosophy ", He Husheng said" outline of Chinese modern history, history of patients "Introduction" religious studies professor, Professor Zhang Zhang told the "Introduction" of management, Professor Yin Zhenhai "ancient Chinese", Feng Yujun said "the legal basis of knowledge", Wei Dedong, Xuan side said "religion and contemporary society". Listen to them in the lecture, I gained a lot more education in the history of human civilization and modern scientific knowledge. This knowledge will become my life of wealth, promote the spread of Buddhism in. They also have a high level of lectures, informative, inspiration is very big for us, not only broaden our horizons, broaden our thinking, but also let us have a more comprehensive knowledge of religion. In the past I learned only in Buddhism, the other brothers don't know or have a superficial knowledge of religion, study of five religious history through this, have a more comprehensive study and understanding of the religion. Open teaching of religion, sociology of religion, the religion into the wide range of society, let us understand the status and role of religion in society. Even better is that my understanding of Buddhism from the perceptual to rational. In the lecture, I will become more conscious of the spread of Buddhism from theoretical knowledge.

To strengthen confidence, faith, is also an important harvest in the study. The influence of strong academic atmosphere, everyone's faith. Science tells us that the religious society, faith is associated with human generation. Our religion is a history of far-reaching practical effect. So, to find their own positioning is accurate, clear the holiness of religion, transcendence, transcendent, more aware of their spiritual direction.

To me, to further understanding of Buddhism and the great truth. System theory tells me, ever since the introduction of Buddhism into China, in China rooting, change, development, the formation of China Buddhism, and into the Chinese culture, become a part of Chinese traditional culture, brought changes in political, ideological, economic, literature, music, art, sculpture, music, custom and so on a series of us. The main symbol of Buddhism popular, huge and the resulting effects on Chinese culture is the creation of Buddhism, Confucianism and metaphysics, the exchange of Buddhist temple. The Buddhist literature, enriched the literature and art form, performance practices, the Chinese literature imagination is more rich, more narrative. And as the service production and Tianzhu phonological theory influenced the Chinese phonology, which affects the formation of poetry. Buddhism also enriched the Chinese language and vocabulary, enriched the literary concept.

The influence of Buddhism on the ancient Chinese philosophy is also very deep. Ancient Chinese philosophy has a strong moral teachings, there are a lot of poetic, intuitive and aesthetic. But this kind of understanding is very difficult to explain the concept of Western philosophy. Buddhism came in, especially Buddhism Prajna thought, consciousness, rational logic of Chinese of traditional philosophy of science, Song Mingli's mind idea, have important effects on Chinese philosophical thinking in the promotion of spirit. As for the convenience to read ordinary believers speak Buddhist stories, resulting in Baojuan, customs, later to become the popular novels; Tang and Song Dynasty poet and painter seldom did not influenced by Buddhist culture influence, especially in Song Dynasty

You live in a society, we must know the society. So, the society is made up of what? Through the study, I know: "the agency" is China's ancient gods, that is in charge of the land God, is the place, scope of meaning. "Will" is the collective, parties, social meaning. These two words together should be a range of groups. As home, village, town, and even the whole country, star and so on. And each person's society is different. Some in the community, some in town for the society, while others go out of the country in the world for the society. On the social significance of Buddhism in where, the Buddha had a clear disclosure: "all the evil, pursue the public good, to purify the will, is the buddhism". Mean aside egoistic heart, do not hurt others' behavior, try to do all the things the public interests, people have no desire to give my heart, one to put their own interests to discard, the people, the people must be accepted by the public, the people loved, admired. So that people can live a happy life to be safe, free. To improve the quality of life is not to rely on cable to give (giving), but by the. It all comes from the education to guide us. Buddhism can be seen not only from the law, but Xing move the world. The country is bound to the prosperity of Buddhism, Buddhism inevitably decline of the turmoil, it is an indisputable fact. Is not mysterious nor Buddhism Buddhism, Buddhist culture is deep, but selfless spirit of great charm! In view of these, my graduation thesis topic is "the modern Buddhist leaders send Zen Jingan Buddhist monk Chung Hing Tiantong Temple plays the role of supporting education and patriotic spirit".

Renmin University of China in the life of our more care, opened a special window for us to Buddhist vegetarian students gave me the feeling of "home". We have 52 students get on well with each other, and help each other, dear family. "Harmony between five", this can be achieved only when we Chinese, under the leadership of the Communist Party in the us. In short, these one hundred days are happy days, the harvest is 100 days, is a free one hundred days, is the growth of the hundred days, happy days are happy days.

Although only a hundred days semester, but everything is normal: the opening ceremony, the central United Front Work Department, the State Bureau of religious affairs, Renmin University of China leaders attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech in Henan canal; go out to visit and study and sports activities, its purpose is to encourage everyone to have a healthy body, can do more the cause, and inspire everyone to work hard and perseveringly, the construction of the motherland, love the motherland ambition; Civic Party held before graduation, students self-directed and performed a spectacular show, I was writing the "five light, harmonious coexistence of" eight small program; through the graduation, to write a composition of no less than the 8000 word essay. The morning of December 19th, graduation ceremony held at the central United Front Work Department Hall, I had the honor to speak on behalf of the Buddhist community students. To participate in the graduation ceremony of the leadership: the central United Front Work Department two bureau director Zhao Xueyi, the State Bureau of Religious Affairs Bureau deputy director general Zhao Zhonghai of the Renmin University of China in four, the Commission Secretary Ma Junjie professor of Renmin University of China, Dean of the school of philosophy, Professor Yao Xinzhong, Professor of philosophy school of Renmin University of China, Ninth patriotic religious people class teacher Zhang Fenglei and fellow teachers. Congratulations and addressed the central United Front Work Department and the Renmin University of China graduation ceremony, the leaders, and encouraged us to continue to study hard finishing.

Although it is just a hundred days of learning, to me, is through a special practice experience. I am very successfully completed the role conversion, conversion from the temple management students, and quickly adapt to the intense study life. In school period, I always do not forget to practice every day, in addition to the completion of their studies, listen carefully, but also adhere to the basic repair their holdings. Through this study, I can be very proud to say that I can let go of self, can adapt to any environment test. This is a special practice experience, is the wealth of my life. Once again thanks to the central United Front Work Department, the provincial United Front Work Department, the State Bureau of religious affairs, Renmin University of China provided valuable learning opportunities.

Now I have returned to their jobs, I will apply the knowledge learned to daily work, must hold high the great banner of patriotism, and lead the masses of believers, uphold the leadership of the party and government, to carry out normal religious activities, and make greater contributions to social economy and culture. Standing ambition, inherit and carry forward the culture of Buddhism, to adapt to socialist society. Do more to contribute to society, to human beings, is conducive to the country. Keep learning, become a learned person. Comprehensive training in all aspects of ability, make a social, human, to the Buddhist useful person. To move forward bravely, play a positive energy, deliver the goods themselves, do all the work to be done. More to play, for the party and the government share those problem-solving, to do their social responsibility. Strong quality, outside tree image. We work in the root of the Buddhism, in the field of academic, leafy stems from the social public. To better serve the community, one is to strengthen the teaching activities, to meet the needs of faith; two is to do a good job in social charity; three is to improve the management of temples, enhance their learning, improve the political sensitivity. The four is to assist the implementation of the party and the government and religious policies and relevant laws and regulations.

The above is my learning report, inappropriate,Inappropriate, please criticism!

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