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On the modern Buddhist leaders send Zen Jingan Buddhist monk Chung Hing Tiantong temple and the role of the patriotic spirit of

On the modern Buddhist leaders send Zen Jingan Buddhist monk Chung Hing Tiantong temple and the role of the patriotic spirit of

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Ninth - the integrity of patriotic religious people training class

[Abstract] Ningbo Tiantong temple is one of the famous Zen dojo. Since the Western Jin Dynasty, rebuilt in the Tang Dynasty, famous in the Song Dynasty, and reached its peak at the end of Ming dynasty. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, influenced by the social environment, the family tradition. In Buddhism, Tiantong temple is no exception. By the end of the Qing Dynasty, send Zen Jingan following seats, Tiantong temple to full-scale reconstruction is under way., reputation. In this paper, the abbot of Zen to send in Tiantong, an important contribution to the important role of Tiantong temple in the Renaissance and patriotic apologetics do. But as the Buddhists should inherit our ancestors wish to study, diligence, reward four.

[Key words] send Zen Jingan Modern Patriotic apologetics Tiantong Temple

[author] introduced the Tiantong Temple abbot. Director of the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, chairman of Standing Committee of the CPPCC Ningbo Zhejiang Tsz Wan Shan Buddha, the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang province Zhejiang province CPPCC members of the Buddhist Association of China

Before the words

Since the late Qing Dynasty, Buddhism is declining day by day, both internal and external stream. First, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom burn like a ruined temple impact, after the temple to divide the property for the purpose of "the promotion of education" movement, and the Buddhist monk internal quality, discipline is not the whole, resulting in the decline of Buddhism had more suffered an unprecedented blow, many temples were falling clock in Jiangnan, complex and its products. In such a social environment, is located in the famous Zen dojo in Zhejiang Ningbo Tiantong temple, although it has a long history, has a high position in the monasteries, but also to conceal the past decline. This situation until the end of Qing Dynasty to send the Zen master Jing an abbot after the change. Send a Zen master Jing an Android tin in eleven years, and the summer, winter sitting, breaking habits, Yang industry, making the Tiantong Temple changed the tide, to full-scale reconstruction is under way.

A brief introduction, and send the Zen master in person

(a) the history of Tiantong Temple

Tiantong temple is located in the east of Ningbo city about twenty-five kilometers according to the southern Taibai, Chi pan compiled the "Buddha Tong Ji" records, in the Western Jin Dynasty, Yongkang the first year (300 years) with monk Yi Xing Yu so far mountain built an diligent practice, a sense of "the Jade Emperor" too white Venus of Scouts serve around, and this later mountain "Taibai" Temple "in". Since then the scale of the temple has been expanded. According to the Qing Jiaqing years re edition of "Zhi" Tiantong Temple records, Tiantong temple has a history of several changes of the name, Don King yuan two years (759) in the given name Ling Temple, Tang Yi Xian Tong ten years (869) given name Tianshou Temple Jing, Song Zhenzong four years (1707) thanks to the amount of Jingde temple, the Qing emperor Shunzhi sixteen years (1659) given by the temple.

Tiantong temple is in the Tang Dynasty have been famous, but it became a famous temple is in Song Dynasty. According to the Tiantong Temple records, the Southern Song Dynasty three years (1129), Caodo Soryokojimasa inherited the Tiantong law seats, Hong Cao Dong doctrine, advocating the mozhao Zen sect ", as in the resurgence of the ancestors. Jiading seventeen years (1224), Cao Dongzong thirteenth Weng Rujing presided over the province, the inheritance of Cao Dongzong really break out break tradition, carry forward the Hongzhi Zhengjue silence and purpose, to create "just meditate and shedding" such as net school. Japanese monk Dogen follow such as net master learning method, after returning from a Japanese built Eiheiji caodong sect, Tiantong temple has become the birthplace of caodong sect in japan. Song Ningzong Jiading, too far right Prime Minister history played please grade Jiangnan temple, a Buddhist temple "Wushan ten brake, Tiantong temple was listed as" three mountains ". Hongwu fifteen years (1382), the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty "given by the Tiantong Temple", the second column Tiantong Temple of Zen wu. Chongzhen four years (1631), whose monks Miyun round to Phil Jackson in the reconstruction of the abbot, in the ruins of the Pavilion by flash floods washed away, laid the Tiantong Temple today's layout, the master is also known as the father of the Rinzai ZTE and Tiantong Chong Xing zu. Qing Dynasty, Tiantong temple and Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple, Changzhou Tianning Temple, Yangzhou Gaomin temple known as the Zen four jungle. But since the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Tiantong Temple Mountain Gate Daomin is lonely, in general, the case of wind weakened, until Guangxu twenty-eight years to send an abbot of Zen to change.

(two) send a Zen master Jing An people

Shi Jingan, this eight finger zen tuo. Custom surnamed Huang, a reading of mountain, Hunan province Xiangtan village, Xuan mother father apricot, Hu, the first year of Xianfeng (1851) lunar December Junior was born in the first year (1912), the lunar new year in October passed away at the age of sixty-two, life, monk wax for forty-five years. Zen master to send young poor, due to the sense of peach. The wind and rain, but in the Tongzhi seven years (1868) Xiangyin temple as a monk, is in the temple from Yin Kai lawyer by the Sangha, then he study method for more than ten years, Guang Xusan years (1877) in autumn, Asoka temple before Foshe LITA burn out two fingers of his left hand and arm meat randeng Buddha, since then it since the number "eight" ". Guangxu ten years (1884) hanging tin Tiantong temple, Temple of the post as vice. The following year return to Hunan Changsha Lin Temple abbot, successively, Wei Shan Temple, Xiangyin temple, God Ding Shan Zi Sheng Hengyang arhat temple, Nanyue, Heng Mountain Dasheng temple and other temples in Shangfeng temple. Guangxu twenty-eight years (1902) as the Tiantong Temple abbot, in six years (1907) after the expiry of the term, the monks was to stay until the first year of the Republic of China, (1912) died on the second day of October.

Two, send the Zen master Chung Hing, role

(a) the reform of the jungle, heavy set protocol

To understand the history of Buddhism Zen people know, since Damour came to the East after three hundred years, in a Zen monk by the law school or the rock and tree, there is no independent house, until the Tang Dynasty Matsu record jungle, Baizhang established clear rules after

(two) the construction of the temple, to full-scale reconstruction is under way.

In the Qing Xianfeng, Tongzhi years (1851 - 1874) the movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom happens, as long as fifteen years, the war spread over half a Chinese. Because of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of God as the burn incense and pray for heresy, so the Taiping army went, temple statues were burned, these are destroyed. When the Qing, the record that the Taiping army "see the temple that is burned, the statue is destroyed", "the city complex in the town, the Vatican Palace temple demolition, will destroy". In Zheng Guofan's "bandit" Guangdong Cantonese bandit Xi said: the county, the first destroyed temples, namely the loyal righteous as cold Guan Gong, Yue Wang, parts of the palace and the skill base. And the temple temple, City God Temple altar, no burning, no image is not destroyed. And the ghosts and gods, anger, desire a snow this regret in the world also."

Because of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom followers of Buddha to the extreme attitude of exclusion, plus the Qing and the Taiping army against the main battlefield in the Yangtze River and the southeast coastal areas, the army gathered, years of tug of offensive and defensive, the tragic. The area is always the Zen temples gathering place, so the war to many temples, ashes, against the movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Buddhism is very serious. According to "the Tiantong Temple Chi" records, Tiantong temple in Xianfeng eleven years (1861) was the impact of the war, the monastery was badly damaged. From Xianfeng eleven years (1861) to send the following in the Zen Jing An Xi Guangxu twenty-eight years (1902), the interval of more than 40 years. During this period, Tiantong temple has been restored, but has been badly hurt. Guangxu twenty-eight years in February, the first magic Tiantong Temple monks in the "four net domain, Taibai Mountain, monk Abbot to enough to break habits, Yang industry". It is led by two order head to Hunan Changsha, abbot of the Zen Master Li send Tiantong temple. Master after taking office, has rebuilt the main hall, gold Buddha, built with Liao, standing in the snow, self repair method Zhai Xuan, hall, pavilion, the house of Commons on Ningbo East, less white pebble trails to tiger Pavilion, the temple is. At the same time and continued for resident "thin", such as temple, for the industry, are recorded in the Chi Tan shi.

Sit (three) winter summer, continued Buddha Hui life

In the late Qing Dynasty, Buddhism, in general the lonely, preaching to stop, the case of wind weakened, Zen towards. In the Qing Dynasty the declining status of Buddhism, Buddhist monk in some invigorate have deep experience, it is more to examine the decline of Buddhism's own reason. In the early period of Emperor Guangxu, the decline of Buddhism is very serious, "almost as destruction of the environment", this is the history of Buddhism by later scholars accepted fact. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Jiangnan Temple much destroyed, even if there is a temple to survive, mostly due to cease to exist except in name, debilitating and lax discipline, and the flow of goods, almost become the refugee Tuozu. After the decay of Buddhism, to the late Qing Dynasty, slightly knowledgeable personnel withered away. Send Zen Jingan early in Guangxu nineteen years he said "Ka, and also, Chan River gradually dry up, law building will be. Salty, with the occasion, Yushan and Brahma, Leo disgraceful. No, the lotus pool, garden three poison grass "in the late Qing Dynasty, the Zen decline, cold, monks have neither learning nor skill method is the master, is a profound experience. As early as in Guangxu five years, the master has said, "you come to practice in case of wind, lonely, can not bear the speaker. Go to LA, trouble wave period, this is the so-called lion in the lion worm eat meat. Whistling! If the power of the people, the law building, singing drums, beat the demon army, will be born with the moss, grass hall......". When the master of the abbot, with continued after the Buddha wisdom as its mission, summer winter about Zen practice, down here. Through the test the master left works relating to lecture recording and poems, letters to the following:

Guangxu twenty-nine years (1903), Tiantong Temple summer please Yuquan Zu Indian master about the Shurangama Sutra, and Guangxu thirty years about the period, this year there is poetry "in summer of Yuquan, please tell the Bi Zu Indian master. The mage will visit Wuhu Puji temple, because as a parting gift from next year on China and the "; about thirty-one years Guangxu (1905)" to the channel order master letter "please open the master channel order sheet. "We live in the old order master granted in the summer the ceremony began, the public are all to happy, willing to hear law. We were driving near the lotus has Ning County, I hear, you Xin wei. But the public at the dip method of rain so we choose the first lecture temple has a leap in May, V for gold Xilai instrument, cloud hanging shade, so the house early dew, with cool to see faint Qu, glorious Hui day, everyone realized by the reality, one more long Xuan Yu look, is in a phase of wide. The paper would be eager to cut. Eliminate the only invited Ann ". The same year, the Pro for monks began "Bao Xun" Buddhist temple. "To the temple of Buddhist books": "Yu Tiantong is the abbot of three years, patients should be returned, not left for two order. Ren of deadwood, detachable when? Advert to this reluctantly but! This summer more than for the public lecture "Bao Xun" this book is the Buddhist temple monk Hui from metaphysics to language, to the people who are alert........." This is only a word, the record, the abbot, eleven years on a claim for a church or age, but also laid the status of Tiantong temple is one of the four major forest zen. Send a Zen master Jing an open class for twenty-six years, the number of income under the door to get the number of million people, or to call, master Yuan Ying from his six years of meditation, Master Taixu also from the sangha.

Three, send a Zen master patriotic act

(a) the establishment of a monk, shawlong Buddha

In 1898, the reform movement of 1898, Buddhism is to bring great distress"

(three) the patriotic support people, Buddhism.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty of China, in the turbulent. As a Buddhist, Zen master send is converted to Buddhism, but the heart of the common people of the motherland, nation, and the nation's future and hope, because of this, it was the invasion of the incompetence of the government and the powers of the indignation, to mountains and rivers broken and all beings suffering and sorrow. Zen master send patriotic support national spirit reflected in his poems. He respected Qu Yuan and had "I read" Lisao "feeling, it can compound to here" ("Miluo nostalgia") this poem by Qu Yuan. He praised Yue Fei as "a pure one, such as the public more?" ("Ye Yue Wu Zhong ancestral hall"), and will often say, patriotism and morality with Dahui Gao, just not only literary (Gao). Emperor Guangxu ten years (1884) in August, he was in Ningbo Yanqing temple, heard the French warships to attack me at Taiwan (now Keelung) and Fuzhou Mawei Port, the message to the chicken coop. Heard this news, very angry, "heart fire burnt, burnt lips around the clock, three".

The "Treaty of Shimonoseki" sign, send Zen smell, flesh of men, each with the same, and wrote "the road full of flowers - a sense of" word "phoenix nest to fall, the twilight where? When you are sad, anxious, not idle. One wrong move, actually lost all. The continual smile group, trading places, so as the immortal. Nian Changlin wasn't a cicada, bare hands for Atlas! Chaos rings compass, clock residual, Lulian today soared to say. His weight back, sunset shadows, leaving only a corner of the castle." A broken, conditions at Lu Zhonglian, want to learn to jump into the sea and also difficult; thousands of miles across China, all powers of iron ships in Ge, send Zen with deep hatred and resentment, sing a long. According to the Eight Power Allied forces invaded Beijing, along the way, burning and looting, commit all sorts, master with deep hatred and resentment in the poem depicts the situation where the strong neighbor "too cool, in my life! Jie Cheng Chi, North Western Hills miserable isn't green. This stallion, palace mausoleum flew fireflies. Sigh ditch water, but more than a bloody battle." ("to Yuchuan prefect Wu's six spring" a powerful indictment of foreign aggression in the killing of the Chinese people, the destruction of the Chinese civilization.

Xuantong two years (1910), the agreement on the Chinese territory, collusion. Zen "and read the post, with the agreement", "internal law failure, trauma, weak" feel "," blood red "sense of continuous cropping twenty-one cut-off sentences with topic cold fragrance tower", with "the master nibbling disputes, 'Yu Shengjian peace." "Shura avoidance day heavy dusk, who fill the broken lines? The tall building on a back, can be the eyes to see the central plains." The word sonorous, awesome lung poems, reveals the strong condemnation of infinite feelings of concern for the fate of the master and powers to steal our territory. To this end, the masters in Guangxu thirty-two years (1906) in June, to the Ningbo normal school students published a fiery speech: "China twenty Province territory to cover large, four hundred million people in public, and bears not Wu, frequently contusion on the island neighbor" ("Ningbo normal school, moral education in school teachers all students in Taibai mountain spring"), a collection of plants called "that blue eyed yellow moustache flow, the cover will be slaves to China," (ibid.) he called on people to make country rich and strong, generous, will force leather habits, stimulate new deal with the hardships of the spirit, and iron into the needle will save trouble. In our country. And high hopes for students "to study long intact, the lingyange honour figure. Ca Mau not missing when it rolled, galaxy to wash dirty." (ibid.) he filled with indignation and strong patriotic enthusiasm to inspire people to work hard to save the.

Not only that, it also set an example by personally taking part of Zen master to do something to protect the people's patriotic act. He was the representative of Chen Baozhen and the reformers, Chen Sanli father and son relationship is very close, very friendly; he was open to the diehards against the Qing government in Britain's first ambassador Guo Songtao's patriotic ideas and feelings as defense; thirty-four years Guangxu (1908), members of the United League (Qi Yun monk who had studied in Japan, following Xu Xilin, Qiu Jin returned home, blind monk temple's revolutionary activities) in Wujiang arrested and jailed, sent to the governor of Jiangsu Zen master once clear. All these show that send a Zen monk, the patriotism thought is not limited to poetry, poem poetry, but actively to the birth of spirit rescue of wto. This is to send an "Zen to the body and mind in Chensha, is called the newspaper had" spirit of patriotism.

Send the Zen master was born poor, there has been caring for the toiling masses, have mutual affinity with the toiling masses of the rustic feeling. Thirteen years Guangxu (1887), the Yellow River in the vicinity of Zhengzhou burst, resulting in tens of millions of people affected. Send Zen sadness livelihood of many difficulties, the following year in his poem "Zhengzhou song" "Alas river never write - Sage thousands of years away, when to clear water of the Yellow River. Empty turbid mountain city, Lunmei seventy even for a moment. Dragon spit fog cover, do not hear crying very dark underwater sound. The night clothes from deep sigh, imperial auditor's anti defend. Treasury gold million Zi add torrent, the Yellow River workers were still half. The sad news the anger, the peach blossom water and romantic. Ming Court Chao Si Si, Si vertebra chest toward the sad. Sigh sigh - - - is so hard, I only cherish what heart death. To come into the torrent, the success rate of anti Tao river." This would save the common people to enter the torrent of spirit in suffering, embodies the master on the suffering of all sentient beings of infinite compassion.

Send the Zen master "s ten poems in" the four step out of town "Simon, high.


1 fingers, eight Buluotuo poem anthology

2 fingers, eight top life inspection table

3, Master Taixu.

4 new records, Tiantong Temple

5, the system records

6, Ceng Wenzheng the document set

Two, 0 December 10th one four