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Tiantong Temple winter formal Zen seven seven

Tiantong Temple winter formal Zen seven seven

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Seven the origin of Zen, from Buddha into the road before the oath under the bodhi tree: if not Tao Shi not this seat! Through more than seven seven through meditation, and finally subdue Moyuan, broken no Ming and attain supreme enlightenment is so.

China jungle of Buddhist Zen law will be held seven, referred to as the retreat of seven, was inspired by the Buddha into the road, an improvement in the way. All the facts of the machine through the winter, all the monks of the temple down other chores, not on the morning and evening classes, do not take the clothes to improve daily, day and night, a heart, self studying, grams of confirmation.

Why is "type seven"? "Six" and "eight"? The deeper meaning of seven is going to be our seventh general manas. Seventh at the end of that knowledge is the reincarnation of the culprit, because it is the persistent false body self, with the three prison house without thinking from practice, so as to get rid of the seventh general to achieve. The seven is also known as the "seven".

Before the Zen seven, where seven people are going to sue "false in life and death". "Life and death against false", that is the pain of life and death even to drop, also hit seven, die seven, do not break the fundamental ignorance never back down.

The afternoon of January 5, 2015, all the teachers in Tiantong Temple main hall to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and then to the Illuminati to false, and false report hall to the great patriarchs, finally in the Kam Tong to the integrity of the abbot to fake death. The teacher encouraged peace of mind to do the abbot, and its own permanent support grain road, hope the teacher can in Zen seven down the square edge, diligent work, harvest.

On the evening of 5, the integrity of the abbot led two public order was seven, in this winter of Zen seven held a total of three seven months, from the fifteen to the eighth day of the twelfth month.

To the life and death of false