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Xuedou mountain Hualin temple will be held around the hall of Buddha statue inauguration cum opening ceremony

Xuedou mountain Hualin temple will be held around the hall of Buddha statue inauguration cum opening ceremony

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Xuedou mountain Hua Lin told Xuedou Temple Temple is located in the west side, the main function for the school. The Buddhist temple culture is the source of nourishment. In the early period of the Republic of China, the life value of Buddhism Education Master Taixu as Xuedou Temple abbot, in order to promote the "meet the world, inclusive of the" spirit of Maitreya, to promote the construction of Maitreya temple, advocating life buddhism. Xuedou Temple held in farmers' reading, even believers repair in Xuedou subsidiary Buddhist "rules and regulations. In 1995 September, Yi Tibetan monk abbot Xuedou temple, to inherit and carry forward the Maitreya spirit and expounder Tai Xu's life Buddhism, Buddhist culture in the new era, in October of the same year, the founder of the Fenghua Maitreya Sangha training school, later renamed the Maitreya College of buddhism.

At all levels of care and support the leadership of the government, law enforcement will be great master, and the social from all walks of life, all kinds of facilities of continuous development and improvement, and on May 17, 2014, held in Zhejiang Buddhist College (chips) Xuedou Maitreya College "listing ceremony. At the same time, because of the need of educational development, strengthen study Buddhist religious life college in 2010 April, on the basis of the original expansion Hualin temple gate, speak (Hall), pond, big Leiyin Temple Temple, Guanyin temple, pharmacists and the West wing. Yi Tibetan monk cultivated in the president under the project has been completed, the site clean and solemn. So on January 9, 2015, held "Xuedou mountain Hualin Temple (Xuedou Maitreya College) and the hall of Buddha statue of the completion ceremony", invite four all the joy, together with continued support, the Buddha wisdom!