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Good faith in Buddha light monastery monk would hail

Good faith in Buddha light monastery monk would hail

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In January 25, 2015, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity was invited to attend the Zhoushan Wanfu Temple main hall of Buddha light method. The mountains, the guests from around the great congregation gathered hundreds of people Wanfu temple, celebrate.

Wanfu Temple formerly known as Wan Fuan, was built in the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, a monk in the temple of longevity lodging, see the Manjusri hall is small, and the people in the law to discuss, the choice of Shen Gong Ling Temple dedicated to Manjusri Bodhisattva under. Early days recruit destroy, hall of residual left house room. The 70's to 80's villagers repair become local religion gathered, the beginning of the 90's only a small hut. With the religious policy improvement and Mount Putuo a Buddism godness Guanyin culture driven, in 2010 by the mage abbot of temple, and the temple rebuilt the local believers. Covers an area of about two acres, plans to invest thirty million yuan. It has no brain play a total investment of six million, construction area of about 3000 square meters. The main facilities are completed, the main hall, the east wing, Manjusri hall to hall.

At nine in the morning, Wanfu Temple flags fluttering, hanging tablets, the bell. Two public order to welcome vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang, Ningbo City Buddhist Association President, Buddhist temple abbot Tian Tong. The integrity of the monk, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tian Tong's first Xiu Xiang advisor Temple master, Yuyao West hidden temple as the master Shi Renwen and the mountains the elders to the main hall before the opening ceremony in the hall.

First of all, the speech by the vice president of the Buddhist Association in Zhejiang Province integrity monk, to explain the Buddhist dharma interests and merits to all the guests and believers. Xiu Xiang elders also followed with a wish, then lay representatives also made a speech, last Abbot law on behalf of the temple four disciples Thanksgiving guests support.

At ten in the morning, after the ceremony, held a grand opening ceremony of the buddha. By faith the monk and the four elders with mountains and brought the master held the opening ceremony. The first is to sprinkle net credit monk and the elders to Yang Zhijing water all over the peace center, then the official opening, the master "towel whisk", "raise the mirror", "brush eye" away all the soot of the world, by custom, nature, free from worry. The Buddhist monks chanting and religious believers to rejoice. Stained with special Dharma joy, cultivate numerous good roots.

After you master for special praise the quan yin method will return to, four people happy and full of celebration Wanfu Temple method Changlong, lived a long time method.