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Tiantong Temple held a spring festival fire drill

Tiantong Temple held a spring festival fire drill

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Tiantong temple was established in 2006 as a national key cultural relics protection units, the temple buildings are wooden structures, the event of fire, the Millennium Temple is easily destroyed, so all the monks of the temple has always attached great importance to the work of the fire.

In February 14th, in order to strengthen the awareness of fire safety, fire fighting and emergency ability training, inspection and use of fire fighting equipment, the integrity of the monk led for two hours before the Spring Festival Fire Drill all the monks of the temple in cell attachment.

The first exercise is dry powder fire extinguishing. In order to simulate the field effect, Zhi Ke division Yuantong mage, supervision institute art master plan he lit the two stack of firewood, and then charge the correct method of using dry powder fire extinguishers and notes, to the public on one one. After that, the integrity of the monk to take the lead in carrying a fire extinguisher from a distance running forward, unscrew the insurance, pay close attention to the head, from top to bottom in the correct way to spray powder, then the deacons and monks, in order to operate personally.

Second exercise is pumped fire. Members of the group carried out the fire engine, each with a rolled tube, ready. Ke division command, quickly put the engine up to the designated place, several fire protection group members at the same time, sprint, and connect the pipes and hoses, in less than 1 minutes to complete the above work, directly, to specify the target spray hose. The integrity of the abbot subsequently made the water model, all the monks of the temple are the operation again, and taught you quickly using the engine operation method. The monk then the fire fighting equipment upgrading, make arrangement, ensure fire equipment is advanced and complete.

By this time more than two hours of the real thing fire drills, consciousness and the operation technology of fire all the monks of the temple, but the last step, the emergency of fire accidents, full of confidence. At the same time, also the successful completion of the fire department for fire drills.