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Tiantong Temple held the annual meeting.

Tiantong Temple held the annual meeting.

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The evening of February 12th, the abbot monk called all the deacons of integrity, the abbot room deacon meeting. Summary on the 2014 annual report of the main work, layout of the idea of the work in 2015.

Notification by the first meeting of the monk led the deacons to learn three religious departments to convey down: "on a really good job in winter and during the 2015 Spring Festival, a Buddhist activities security work notice", "on the issuance of Ningbo Buddhist Xifu practise economy implementation proposal notice", "on the strengthening of the Spring Festival in Ningbo Buddhism" burning the first incense "security work notice". And the layout of the implementation of the related content, for security reasons, to cancel the New Year blessing auspicious bell toll.

The meeting focused on the annual summary of the temple. The monks were summarized. The work of this temple Jia Wu years, mainly includes the following 1 aspects -- political, awareness raising; 2, attach importance to secure the safety of fire; 3 Ci, pay attention to strict financial repair; 4 cases received fellowship, carry forward the wind; 5 for forensic science, repair. The monk, monk business in Dinghui holding, continued the Buddha wisdom, monks in addition to pay attention to their own self-cultivation, but also to give full play to the positive energy of Buddhism, and actively carry out the law and to participate in charitable activities. Six deacons should obey and respect, dutifully doing all aspects of infrastructure, hospitality, charity, preaching work, not interest, abuse each other down, damage the interests of resident and other undesirable phenomena. And in today's society, advancing with the times to promote the Tiantong temple, adapting to the development of the times, efforts towards the direction of "Humanistic Buddhism".

Subsequently, the monk and put forward the idea of the temple in the next year. Mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1 to be set up in the Zen Culture Research Center, the establishment of the organization, professors and master the regular teaching; 2 proposed the establishment of Tiantong Temple monks meditation classes, regular teaching learning activities; 3 at home and abroad to employ experts and professors who master, held a small academic exchanges, publishing essays; 4 in college management, hire some accomplished artists to participate regularly held a calligraphy pen, painting and calligraphy auction and professional lectures, copied by other activities; 5 continue to be held in a lay Buddhist classes and regular Buddhist meditation activities......

Finally, the temple monks in Buddhist activities Yi Wei year made arrangements. I hope that all the efforts and two, play a positive energy, made new achievements.