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For the new year

For the new year

Tiantong News
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- sincere letter

In New Year's Eve Buddha is auspicious light

The new home state of Bodhisattva.

Sakyamuni Buddha, drop from the clouds. Riding a white elephant, appeared in the eight phase.

The prince appears, rice Wang. Law of the world, knows no difference.

Shino, swear monk travel. Snow capped mountains, six contained a ma.

Ascetic outside, still have flaw. In Ganges RIver, after milk feeding.

On lime, star Yang. Dharma understanding, as enlightenment.

Version three seven Kegon, HX. Buddhism Sengbao, built as people wait.

Forty-nine years, life infinite. Shuanglin tree, into great nirvana.

Kasyapa coagulation, aurora can pass. Zen Jinglv close, China Shengguan.

In Southern Song Dynasty, gathered in Tiantong. Five mountains ten Cha, first among them.

Macro Zhimo according, meditation is the day. Long Rujing Weng, Japan following the transfer.

First class, hundred and eighty organ. Lin Cao hole, from generation to generation continued support.

Jungle moment regulation, Nazi Buddhism study. Peace on earth, Hironori Sochang.

Zen culture, the brilliant legacy. Mi Hirohiro, clean side.

Winter summer stresses, boost the meditation. Don't have an idea, everything is connected.

Infinite refinement, all in one. Destiny fulfilled, shin is the same.

Zen philosophy, his peace. Greed hatred poison, three abolish any more.

Body and mind sloughed off, it shows. Now in front of the Buddha, Jishou to repent.

Tonight, Zhengtong profit. Kunitomi Mintoyo, good weather.

Xiang Qing, Ji Guangrui New Year Prints. Eight difficult to eliminate, Haifu mountain life.

Sambo blessing, long Tian Hu. Buddhist temple is unripe brightness, FA will save!

In 2559 the first day of lunar January