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Lunar New Year's Day Buddha Maitreya Christmas Zhang room class in French

Lunar New Year's Day Buddha Maitreya Christmas Zhang room class in French

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-- the integrity of the monk

Maitreya Maitreya energy-saving

Always said when people do not know when people from

The Maitreya Dade, show people often repair compassion, with self adjustable v. In one often take six paramita, compassion, not from me, not what I see. The six blessing of Brahma. If I were, I, this is called the merciful. For all its sins, all destroyed, as soon as the supreme Bodhi card.

The beings of the heart, and the Buddha's heart, as the self, no two. All fans reason, false life and death, and Wei Shen is not reduced. To the Buddhas, dear card nirvana, while Germany is not increased. The so-called Buddhas all stupid bearing force, breaking as ignorance, to enlightenment, cloth big cloud, application of law in order to cool hot rain, angry that night, dawn a sharp point. All the Buddhas wisdom, not bright, cycle six, made by the suffering, suffering, and not many Buddha sleep, forget clothing bead not treasure. The support or opposition is divided, with the real. Although fan Wu Shu, the no two. The enlightenment, then return to what fans, I take to life Buddha. Directly teach living beings, Buddha heart heart for the Buddha. Heart of Buddha, sentient beings with witness. If no rivers, full swing Mo Yu. It must be a battle of foci, permanent, not halfway. The cloud such as the poor, elderly, no amount of treasure, not complacent.

On the first day of the first lunar month Maitreya Christmas day, to show his gratitude for the great patriarchs emulsion deep well two public order, may include the Triple Jewel, obstacles and diligent study, physical and mental well-being, physical and mental well-being, for free, to repay four well, early Buddhism; and that the resident of Xinglong, the sea, and to social harmony; Freeman, Cathay pacific. Your class, which is now facing Zhai Qing praise, what students should be?

Tusita Tuo day Cheshire respect the birth of the world of people

I am equal to the six degree line three Longhua will put