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Tiantong Temple of bidding farewell to the old and welcome the new year on

Tiantong Temple of bidding farewell to the old and welcome the new year on

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Year to spend similar, but each year is different. This year, not only means that the happiness and reunion, also means that the continuous cleaning habits, let the soul to keep new predicament. In addition to new year's day, Tiantong Temple monastery monks past experiences, response departments at all levels of the initiative, actively preparing for the Spring Festival people greet the arrival of the forensic.

Tea, is the Tang Dynasty Zhaozhou Zen Zen tradition advocated. Twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, all the monks of the temple, the five volunteers gathered in view of the church, for tea. The abbot monk integrity first to report on the work of the past year, and the prospect of the next work points and layout. First Presbyterian recall repair Xiang Tiantong temple traditional case of wind, encourage the public love love to teach temple, group decision-making in the new year, strive for further improvement.

General supply is a major Buddhist once a year, the so-called universal. Equal justice. The application of fragrant flowers and fruit offerings, outside of food to the abbot Sambo in money, to remind myself to open within the triratna. New year's Eve morning, held the whole temple of general supply, integrity monk led two public order from general public hall for ten resident Sambo, the founder of a Bodhisattva, back to st virtues kindness, figure of Buddha wisdom of directors. Then, meditation and Laos are divided into two classes, respectively, for all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Doctor Fukuda Fukuda's first. New year's Eve afternoon, the integrity of monk led the charge of a mage, monitoring meter art master, master, fruit vertical mantle value around the mage a deacon personally send warm home. Condolences to the temple and elderly patients, send New Year wishes and red envelopes, understand and solve their practical problems in life. From the 94 year old retired elders began to repair the abbot is wide, including several old monk, father's first teacher, the old law lay more than 20.

They called this afternoon, all the monks of the temple Hot pot of vegetarian, at dinner, the master to toil, and encouraged for double next year, since he does.

New year's Eve, all the monks and disciples of Buddha in Maitreya Christmas bow to her incarnation, Maitreya may save grace, that would meet in Longhua three.

At eleven thirty at night, held a grand festival for the method. The integrity of the monk chanting prayers in the new year, with a sincere heart Memorial footprints of the Buddha, to guide the four disciples initiated self and others the four great vows.

Lunar January day morning, the collective ritual Zu, then gathered the Abbot's room, listening to the integrity of the spring on the French monk tang.

Day morning, around the temple to general, and maintain the monastic order, guide believers and tourists civilization incense.

Second, the public were to the East Valley, the peak tower, Yuan Yuan, less white circle of public hospital in history was more than a hundred Dadeta prehospital respectful and tower. Sweep the tower, is a Buddhist and traditional Chinese reverence for his ancestors, people become thick.

A day in the morning, a year's plan starts with spring. During the Spring Festival, all the monks of the temple the completion of various important ceremonies, reception leaders and believers tourists visit. Although busy toil, but blessed day the road first. A sub sub pay, in return. As long as sincere altruism, do good deeds, not reactive don donate.