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Tiantong Temple of Sakyamuni Buddha in the land law will be held

Tiantong Temple of Sakyamuni Buddha in the land law will be held

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Land law, the full name of "law divine land Purdue lent wins", referred to as the "water", also known as the "Shui Lu rites", "sad Ji", is a kind of practice in Chinese Buddhism, and Buddhism in the Sheng Daqie grand method.

Surface law originated in the northern and Southern Dynasties of Tang Dynasty established by Liang Wudi, the full development until the song, yuan, Ming, mature, has been passed down to today, and continue to develop, unabated.

From March 27, 2015 to April 2nd, the temple monks and disciples of the first net Zixing do the ordinary law Ming Yang two amphibious Purdue lent wins, the integrity of the monk in the temple master to master.

Will be divided into seven mandala and method, respectively, within the altar, altar, altar altar Sutra, the Shurangama mantra, Huayan pure land altar, altar, the altar, and method for Buddhas of the ten directions, saints, no cover Pu Zhai food based, save all beings in the six paths and instruction to make the people to the cause and the root to the altar, listening to the dharma. Support, save sentient beings in the law will be so widely, to worship the Buddha, chanting, Liang Huang Bao Chan is the main cultivation, collection of disaster, Purdue, for many incredible special merit and application.

The evening of March 27th, the integrity of the monk led two public order, it began to sprinkle net in one day, the Buddha of joy and celebration.