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Tiantong Temple of the second land law, the altar with net

Tiantong Temple of the second land law, the altar with net

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The evening of April 5th, the second annual Tiantong Temple law divine land Purdue lent wins will officially smoked it sprinkle net.

The Zhoushan area and the Ningbo area of the Buddhist prayer, the integrity of monk led two public order of influence of ceremony, a Buddism godness Guanyin sing praise, then recite the mantra, the integrity of the monk read: Buddha willow dew water, can make a drop of over ten, dirty filth as Juan addition, make this Mandala noted clean. Then the white water blessing blessing blessing Mandala, believers, the law will be. After the detour, integrity for all the monks would lay a brief start. In praise of Ningbo as the three Buddha, outstanding people, praise Zhoushan and Ningbo lay Buddhist consciously understand the rules. On the masses to make accommodation guarantee, to solve the logistics concerns. At the same time, hope that the public are harmonious with Buddhist, Buddhist temple to tolerance, to.

From the beginning of 6, seven days, the altar, chanting of prayers and prostrations repentance of the Buddha, Buddha, and Xiuxi wins in public...... To Fu Hui Shuangzeng, to die without pain.