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The Qingming Festival all the monks of the temple and tower and offering great patriarchs Ben Temple monk

The Qingming Festival all the monks of the temple and tower and offering great patriarchs Ben Temple monk

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A little spirit luminous phenomena. All over body. Hundred skeleton scattered this return to the earth, a security thing often spirit.

The April 5th Festival, Tiantong temple in practice over the years, the integrity of the abbot led two public order to sweep around the tower tower, including the East Valley peaks in the yuan, yuan, Yuan Ying Xiang Yuan Yuan, cold.

The core of the Sangha, Sangha Sambo, aloof, Buddhism flourished, the Buddhist Sangha of meanness, decline. Qingming worship sweep of the tower, the ancestors, the monk in Germany to thickness. To pay homage to the past the patriarch, memory and learning them for the heart strong, diligently studying, monk's honest, self-discipline, strict, the skillful, altruistic compassion......

Let us recall and review in Tiantong temple history, have made outstanding contribution to the Buddhism, had a huge impact on several of his monks --

Yi Xing founder

Tiantong temple kaishanzushi. The first year of the Western Jin Dynasty (three to 00) in Yongkang Yi Xing he visited the famous treasure, and a surname (now the county of the East Valley), its peak Linyou, few people tread, and node Mao Weilu, concentrated meditation. Thoughts of ascetic practice, touched by God, it too white Venus as the boy, to pay, by long, resigned, and no words. The posterity then is the mountain: "Taibai", said the master "Taibai founder". When the distance of Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty Yongping ten years (six or seven) Buddhism was introduced into China for only two hundred and thirty-four years. The smell of Chan says: "thoughts without family, solitary danger, sky Valley, who was the lead? A battle of salary, who meet? Only honest and sense, Venus is the boy, who says that God is it? Taibai Mountain to the division, not the local scenery and history will not ah.

Hongzhi Zhengjue Jackson (0 nine one one one five seven)

Su Li, Xi state (now Shanxi county) people. Fathers are converted to Zen. The mother of the Mount Wutai monk Zhao, right arm and the pregnant solution. And the light for the house, the right arm raised, such as cyclic, people are different. At the age of seven, Ruye Xi, read, recite classics, thousands of words. Buddha Zen master Jackson see, know as utensils. At the age of eleven, according to my father, for the case of a simple monk degree. At the age of fourteen, with a ring from Jinzhou Tzu Chi Chi Joan Jackson Shirley temple. Eighteen side participation, bid farewell to the master said: "not invented at the event, never to be!" The first reference to Ruzhou (now Henan Linru) Xiangshan Temple wood into jackson. One day, the smell of monk chanting "Lotus Sutra" have a go at province, success. While the incense and said: "what is the matter about?" The master said: "what is the heart." As said "Ye Wu place is born?" Master hand draw a circle to a complex, throwing back. Cheng said: "the Chinese have made mud what limits?" The master said: "wrong!" Cheng said: "don't see people begin." Point out however, chef Luigi Nono Wu. And for six years (one one two four) investment in Dengzhou (now Henan Deng county) Shen Yu Dan Chun Chun Xia son, Gong asked: "how is before the empty AEON yourself?" Teacher said: "Jingdixiama swallow it, night by night curtain." Gongyue: "not on a road." His research method. Division of consistency, Cheng yi. The self is much fast, the respect, has granted the clothes brush. With the sun moving spin Dahong temple, life secretary in charge, after rising first, well have several people. Four years later, after the Yuantong Temple, Xie Qing really lived Changlu Temple monk asked teachers to the task, to see the bell, clothing and footwear in our life to be easy, really have to master said: "I do it for the shoe to the Lord?" The smell heartly admire, pleading expression, hence the top seat. Six years after the birth, live in Sizhou Puzhao temple, at the age of thirty to four. Li Shu, moved to Taiping temple, Jiang Yuantong Temple, temple Nengren temple, the true state of changlu. In three years (one one two nine) to the state, to Li Putuo, too, according to the law, accordingly, was invited to the abbot in tiantong. When making state within the territory of the Jinbing, temple, many have been destroyed robbery, monks here, alone in there, not moving. Soon after, kou to enlightenment sat temple, grazing ride to the Tower Ridge in the hope, if see, gathered soldiers out, people sigh for the help of god.

Division for human Li, Feng Jun, a beautiful and there is. The Dharma is a bosom, and so, by applying an insatiable greed. Years of famine, and to support the soup kitchens, living for millions of people. The original Temple monks to less than two hundred, division, nano monk over a thousand, the principal concern, 'laughed and said: "you and do not worry." Next, you he to Su Qian Hu. Shaoxing two years, has built the monk Tang Wei Jie, the door is Yanmao two Pavilion, veranda. Then the extension of old thousand Buddha, fan, build Vairochana pavilion. The abbot, division for thirty years, is one of the new house. The temple has thirteen thousand acres of fields, around the mountain temple is the temple, and in the country (now Xiangshan), Dinghai county two, smear two thousand acres of fields.

First, with the diameter of Qin Hui, mountain monk Da Hui Zong stay with loyalty and literati howls of current events, and the country party denounced for cypress, designated as "drum and rumors, slander the affairs of state", Shaoxing eleven years (one one four one), return to take first, from South africa. Shaoxing 25 years winter, she was Enbei return, the monk Gai. When queen rearing was gentlemen, macro wise of the great king. She came to know, will all the materials, cooking, but notice the governor do a year should be especially. Next year, the great, even public surplus million of. Much incense to Zhi hand said: "I have two people at! I sing, I sing and I with you. Once after the first deposit, mainly." Two people hold more sincere, then each pass a case. Hongzhi Cao Dong advocates: carry forward the patriarchal clan system, the heart is the Buddha mind, all the wonderful spirit, because the suspect because of faint nebula, the barrier. To sit silent the net to remove false edge grinding wipe, phantom study, not be all wrapped up, it can not. Advocacy and Rinzai Da Hui Zong stay Kanhua Zen is not the mozhao zen".

Shaoxing seventeen years (one one five seven), was designed to live in Lingyin Temple, not more, also in begging. The next day, bath, sit up: "the dream book but empty, sixty-seven years, the white smoke, autumn sky." She stayed to invite the main complex public funeral, and book but don't say: "the blunt birds fly first, turtle shell, I no you don't, you have no I can't.." And tossed the pen south wind. The long sixty, monk EP fifty three. She stayed to cut the development of worship, with seven niches, such as student complexion. A series of factors, again, all in the East Valley Andong tower body first. Weeks Kui dragon for writing epitaphs written as Zhang Xiaoxiang, champion. Shaoxing twenty-eight years (one one five eight), posthumous title, "Jackson said Hong Chi", "wonderful light tower tower". Author of "praise" (known as the "century old" macro Zhisong), "Jackson" Zhi Hong Guang lu. "In the Southern Song Dynasty resurgence of the ancestors", a famous Zen master.

Long Weng Rujing Jackson (one one six three - one two two eight)

Net long, vulgar, surnamed Yu, Wei river. Born Peter young and bright, not like children. Longer that a monk, readily roundly. At the age of nineteen, he was the Zen School, more than twenty years, deep understanding on foot, after an intellectual view. "If, before the court Baizi" language, were Songyue: "west to the progenitor meaning pretrial Bai, Liao Liao on the nose eyes, fall dead plant jump, bright smile Yan Teng Ge usnea." Identification of jaw. And praise Qiwen monk: "Li Ji Peng, you eat it? The gold ring, make you jump? " Cloud: "Mo elbow free fall before the wind cable, a cross brace Na Zha hops, eight arm empty melancholy, in the middle of the night the day line." OM is valued, hence give a clothes brush. Song Jiading three years (one two one 0 years please Abbot Tibetan temple baojhong. Successive Qingliangsi Jiankang, Taizhou Pure Land Temple, Ling'an Jingci temple, temple, Rui, again to Jingci, Jiading seventeen years (one two two four), Feng Chi, chairman. The teachers and students of open-minded forthright, Zen to sit, lay particular stress on. Since the "Zen meditation, and fall off, from five to five, in addition to the cover, no incense, Buddha, repentance, chanting, can also meet the buddha." Hongfa enlightenment "the mozhao Zen" Zen master Miao Zen, Seng Daoyuan, Wen Shi and Gao Jie, the Buddha mind, but a generation of great master. Then in Jiading for sixteen years (one two two three) sailing into the song, go in to practice by Cao Dong, patriarchal clan system. To return to a temple, Yongping Cao Dongzong, as Japan's ancestor, the Pope to your father, was Zu ting. Shao set the first year (one two two eight) the division of disease absence. In July 17th, Nirvana hall, first division as an incense smell feet, Fatang Baogai mirror fell and died. The world of sixty is six, tower body from bleak hills. Shi Pingsheng sat in at the six temple, two public purpose, convergence, fan module clear, that French at home.

"If the monk left the net quotes" two volumes, "Tiantong mountain Jingde temple as net Jackson continued quotations" volume, revenue is forty-eighth.

Shi Linxiu, Gu FASI Chan Ying, Lane three.

Miyun round to Phil Jackson (one five six six - one six four two)

Sleep early, clouds. Custom surnamed Jiang, Jiangsu Yixing. When that is the beginning of learning Buddha, Rudian, from farming to feed dear old man. From a read, I read "liuzu Tanjing" a province. But in the twenty-nine winds, placement of wife and children, Longmen temple has a magic master. Service by the curse every four years, thirty-three years before her. Calcined pure exploration read for another six years, came into the public, the Academy will division. One day, the bronze Gallery peak, awakened. Search, North pass male audience. Soon, south again. He came to public order: "but comfortable, shall not live; not agreeable, as you go through the emergency; by, don't count; to the crossroads, a lame a division, and your evidence, I had called you." The division went to dragon pool, nine year, supplement the snake as news, dragon pool temple the ancestral home of the abbot. Apocalypse three years (one six two three) moved to the mysterious temple roof. After living in Jiaxing, Fujian Jin Su Temple Temple of Phellodendron amurense, Ming Yu Wang temple. Ming Chongzhen four years (one six three one), abbot. The main temple for eleven years. Tiantong temple after the floods, the whole temple Long Wu. Teacher mastermind with painstaking effort, raising the side. The Tiantong Temple permanent scale, and later, the case of wind vibration, the spread of Buddhism, the circular, lights everywhere, bow from the Chinese and foreign, cloud to live has, more than 10000 monks often refers to as large as thirty thousand, lecture, is regarded as in heavy Xing Zu, Chongzhen fourteen years. In case of life of Huang Qi Tian Hong Fuda pilgrimage in the occasion, the responsibility of teachers give purple passage. To make (Nanjing) large planner abbot. To the Guci diseases. The extension division in Jiangyin Huang Yuqi rebuilt the temple records. The following year in July 7th, died in mysterious temple roof. There is life there are seven, the EP forty four seventy. Tower body in Tiantong mountain. After being destroyed, this tower in the East Valley East of Taibai temple. Left with the "blue cliff record" volume ten, "quotes" twelve volumes, "said," four volumes, "to save" three volumes recorded jump slightly.

Division for the Rinzai authentic thirtieth century, known as "the father of the Rinzai zte". The heir has twelve people, the Han Tibetan, fee Yintong method, wood Chen Daomin, Hayama Haiming four of the most numerous times throughout the breeding method.

Send Zen Jingan Buddhist monk (one eight five one - one nine one two)

Custom surnamed Huang, who read the Hunan mountain, Xiangtan. The loss of parents. Once in place, quit school due to poverty. Tongzhi seven years (one eight six eight), he became a monk in Xiangyin temple donglin. The same year, the temple, Xian Shen Kai lawyers under the foot. Ren Lu Si ye again to Qishan Heng Chi Master participation. One day, sitting meditation rock burst smell, Xisheng province. Income levy to volunteer Park, enjoin its take care. But it can, not afraid of cloud water, and the old, live at almost all times, opportunity. Guangxu three years (one eight seven seven) in the Yu Wang off two fingers randeng buddha. Because of "the eight finger"". Guangxu ten years in Tiantong Temple tin, deputy. Then a paper Hunan, thirsty Mount Yuelu Li cloud Jackson, have said the law. In thirty-four years, was born in Hampshire arhat temple. The calendar and sealing, good, Ningxiang Weishan concerns, Xiangyin Shending mountain capital to Changsha Lin Temple, six temple. Guangxu twenty-eight years should be in two order class the first ceremony, the abbot of tiantong. Six year term, the monk die re-election. The main temple for eleven years, to full-scale reconstruction is under way.. Has rebuilt the hall, built with Liao, Li Lei Zhai Xuan, self repair, hall, pavilion, the Ningbo East Fu Hu; laying white pebble trails to Hu ting. Repeated litres a statement, "the Shurangama Sutra lecture", "Buddhist temple sermon"; "Dear system specification", "years", fact sheet, "Fukuda continued for book", the book industry, aware of the. By monastic purge, Zong Fengpi vibration, light temple.

The method of division of Zen poetry, Ming, known as the "patriotic poem monk". Make friends through poetry and life, make Yin Hao, express patriotic heart. The "Boxer" and "the" shame, anger: "like eating various disputes", "Chou monk did not report the shame" of the sentence. In Psalm two thousand. "The white Meiji", "eight" refers to the Buddhist poetry "poetry" volume ten, volume eight sequel, "collected works" a roll. Especially caring of Sangha education, the patriarchal clan propagate. Guangxu thirty-four years Ningbo's first Buddhist education, served as the first president. Standing on the school, public primary school. Should the system three years (one nine one one) in winter, advocate the United Buddhist unity. In the first year (one nine one two), interim president Sun Wen went to Nanjing to apply for the Chinese Buddhist Association, presenting the establishment of the "Outline" and buddhism. March, Sun Yat Sen reply. In April, the Buddhist Association was established in Shanghai, the division was pushed to the first president. The lunar calendar (the Gregorian calendar in November 1st September 22) north, requested the Ministry of internal affairs according to the "constitution", banned all over the ruined temple to invade. On 27th September, guest Kyoto Fayuan temple, the morning news. The Division has the feeling in the arms, a chapter:

Morning bell number sound move, gaps start breaking. Technology that sit on me, dangerous rock, jackdaws, seems to have forced me, his voice more uneven. The hawk suddenly came down, hit the birds panic. A rather bully, we are sympathetic with the birds. Bowl of food, cut remaining information out of contention. My body is not good, outside the complex what camp? Who min milk young? Hundred turns around the tree. Have tears and bitter Jikun, funding.

That guy so vulgar Ya Ming, Shi not worry has been a curse rather pity poor, true compassion with it. In October, the third day, go to the Ministry of the interior and secretary, met with President of the parent company director, ci. Diaphragm ache, night Xuan Ji. Takahisa sixty-two, the wax forty-five. His disciples order in South niches, buried in Qinglong Gang Leng Xiang yuan. There are "eight fingers' poems" of the world bank.

The master Yuan Ying (1878 -1953 years)

Fujian Gutian. Tiantong temple is he young, middle-aged and the Senate finally passed away the abbot road market. Twenty-nine year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu and Xuantong first year (1903 -1909 years), the master Yuan Ying first lived in Tiantong temple, Zen monk statue from places Jichan (i.e., Jingan) practicing meditation, he understand superior, by sending in the temple of Zen thought, 6 years, have been invited to act as other priesthood. After the Yinzhou Xixiang Temple Abbot Hospitality Institute founded Buddhism.

In the nineteen years to twenty-five years (AD 1930 -1936 years), the master Yuan Ying Ren Tiantong Temple Abbot 160th generation of post, he said and for the corresponding solution, too. The six year rule of temple, rigorous, building temples, public governance, establish a purge of taboos, wind, or. The master Yuan Ying in Duguan liters seat of office announced the "Twelve no", that is not greedy, not for profit, not one, not fraud, not for adventure over the love of ease, it is good, despite the strong bullying the weak, not strong, not, not shirk its responsibility, not unreasonable, which shows the master noble virtues. He personally led the monks planning funds, repair the temple, quite a lot of achievements.

The master Yuan Ying patriotism peace loving master, since in eighteen years (AD 1929) the first National Buddhist representatives will be held in Shanghai, the establishment of the first president of China Buddhist Association after the election, seven term president (or president). 1931 "nine one eight" after the incident, the master Yuan Ying to Chinese Buddhist Association announced the National Buddhist identity, and the Dao field. At the same time, on behalf of China Buddhism, Japanese Buddhists, in line with the fearless spirit, to stop the aggression of Japanese militarism. In 1952 October, the master at the age of 75, attended a meeting in Beijing, Asia and the Pacific regional peace conference. Published "the Buddhist unity in the Beijing Buddhist circles meeting, for peace, to defend peace" speech. In 1953 June, the National Buddhist organizations - the Buddhist Association of China was founded, although the master Yuan Ying illness did not attend the meeting, but still popular, was elected president of the Buddhist Association of China's first. The master Yuan Ying that failing health, in August 15, 1953 by the Zhao Puchu scholar, "I will do, because mountain, body care Zuting, heart qi land", decided to return to God's temple. 19, from the Ming Yi and followers in line to escort, monks drumming bells greet. September 19th (lunar calendar August twelve) late in the evening, master Yuan Ying died, was buried in the temple Tayuan "green Fenggang" yuan ying. Life at the age of 76, fifty and eight were cured and left with the method of "Yuan Ying Hui".

This is this year and tower silhouette