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Tiantong Temple Temple repair origin

Tiantong Temple Temple repair origin

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Bai Yun Chan, historic legacy. Tiantong temple is located in the Taibai mountain towering mountains, since the Jin Dynasty, has a history of more than one thousand seven hundred years. The monks, Buddhist culture. When the Southern Song Dynasty, Wang Ji Zen caodong sect of the mozhao Zen pioneer, has a far-reaching influence at home and abroad, enjoying high reputation. So far, Japan was regarded as the ancestral home of Cao dongzong.

The temple in the Ming Dynasty temple destroyed by flash floods. Chongzhen, the ten party to make ritual please Miyun Jackson Chongxing temple, the "Cultural Revolution" to survive, now the old temple, has the important value of the protection of cultural relics, two 00 six years, as the national level cultural relics protection units.

Two 00 four years of integrity monk Zhuo tin, PI Zhen Zong Guang Li day, wind, and corresponding solution for mass, hard to do, Dharma, actively involved in charitable and social welfare. At the same time, repair the temple temple, such as small Baita, pool, reservoir engineering, king hall, hall, hall etc.. The temple of Ming and Qing Dynasty wooden architecture style, column beam perennial rain and termites, shall timely renovation. For the preservation of the original architectural style, the huge cost of repair project.

Are maintenance of meditation, pharmacist hall, Da Liao, Jing Xi Tan and social friends from all walks of life, to give generously, net, building blocks for the temple of repair, the same Bodhi, shared so often.


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