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"One world" contemporary painting and calligraphy art exhibition Preface

"One world" contemporary painting and calligraphy art exhibition Preface

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"One world, one picture and lime." When the art of painting and calligraphy and Zen culture meet, this is how a kind of spiritual enjoyment? For thousands of years, Chinese literati unique literary accomplishment, the plants and trees, a mountain of water, giving a human feelings, this is a kind of unique Oriental aesthetic temperament.

In Zen calligraphy combing Chinese art history glorious, is prone. Because the translation and dissemination of Buddhist scriptures, influenced the literature and art of China, is the history of Chinese culture to write brilliant chapter. The artist will be Buddha Zen painting, calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, music, and create more meaning of artistic style. The ancient painting and calligraphy artists influenced by Zen Buddhism, and have achieved, respected, be too numerous to enumerate. "The river of the ink marks, pine wind seat Chengen, end get samadhi Buddha, is the only door", Huang Tingjian from the Zen Buddhism and calligraphy in the realization way.

Ningbo, known as the "southeast Buddhist" reputation, has the Tiantong temple, Xuedou temple, Ashoka temple and other temples, monks and temples everywhere, has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Ningbo, as a "Marine Silk Road" set sail, with Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, West Asia and other places of Buddhist cultural exchanges, is a long history. Are the legacy of history, many buildings, statues, paintings and calligraphy works, all reflect the broad and profound culture of Ningbo.

By the Ningbo daily newspaper group and the Chinese press culture industry alliance organized, in college and the Ningbo Sheng culture industry limited company to undertake the "one world" contemporary painting and calligraphy art exhibition, April 17th Ningbo Tiantong Temple of Zen and articles.

This art exhibition featured more than 40 contemporary artists and monks in the creation of calligraphy and painting, etc. more than 100 pieces of Thangka boutique. From Ningbo, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Xi'an, Changchun, Hefei, Nanjing and other famous works. They write in pen with ink heart, what, to poetry as the soul, to the book as a bone, from landscape to flower, from the hermit to the wise, Zen life, as in pen and ink. The style and elegant show, or the calm and elegant, or run show sincere, heart is the pen, quiet ethereal, Zen Zen real artists have deep understanding, into a piece of work. The "overtones", "image", "outside the king", the transmission of Zen wonderfulness and life wisdom.

Keep calm see dust, self-cultivation forget oneself. Hold the art exhibition, to carry forward the traditional culture, self-cultivation, temperament to the book ", so that the majority of the audience, in the enjoyment of the art of calligraphy and painting, Zen feel that peace and joy of heart. At the same time, but also to the majority of collectors and enthusiasts to provide value-added space and a piece of investment in the future, Tibetan art to the people, make art into the local families.