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Ningbo Tiantong Temple Buddhist school science class third

Ningbo Tiantong Temple Buddhist school science class third

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With Buddhism awareness life Fozhi purifies the mind

At 8:30 on the morning of April 12th, in a solemn temple bell "," song of Ningbo Tiantong temple, Buddhist school third session seminar held a grand opening ceremony. Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang, the dean of the school of Ningbo Buddha, President of the Buddhist Association, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk attended the ceremony and made the integrity of discovery.

The integrity of the mages monk first carefully open learning seminar and you lay Buddhist always support and actively participate in the scholar class to express my heartfelt thanks. Tiantong Temple Buddhist school class has been run for three years, and achieved very good results, to promote the development of Ningbo Buddhist culture has played an important role.

Secondly, the integrity of the monk monk introduced the importance of the establishment of Buddhist education, especially the contributions of the eight finger zen Tuo, Dixian master Yuan Ying, master, Master Taixu and master Hong Yi of Ningbo and the Buddhist Education development.

At the same time, the integrity of the monk made four wishes to the new session of science class students: first, to realize the life. All the students to practice the Dharma in daily life, to the Buddhist wisdom of harmony with, improve their life consciousness. Second, the person wants to purify the mind. Participants to the Buddhist wisdom to purify the mind, kilesa, find true freedom. If built, only the soul has been purified, in order to achieve a successful life. Third, you have to follow causes. All the students in daily life must know the "fate", not reluctantly, not force, not greedy, to understand that "sometimes in life will have to be, life in no time it". Fourth, to practice both blessings and wisdom. All the students should pay attention to the merits and wisdom and repair in practice, realize the blessings and wisdom of phase equilibrium. The only reward, no wisdom, no kilesa; only the wisdom, not merit, also cannot achieve the buddhist. Only for men, in order to truly enlightened way.

The class has nearly 300 students from all over Ningbo to participate in the study.