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Japan rissho Kosei Kai Fukui line visit Ningbo Tiantong Temple Church

Japan rissho Kosei Kai Fukui line visit Ningbo Tiantong Temple Church

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In April 14th, Japan rissho Kosei Kai Fukui Church in Tsubota Koichi under the leadership of president to visit Ningbo Tiantong temple, by the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Buddhist College Dean, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk hospitality integrity.

The integrity of a monk Tsubota Hiroshi long for a warm welcome, and introduced in detail the Tiantong Temple followed the architectural structure and architectural style of Song Dynasty, the heritage of the ancient founder precepts protocol set, regular Zen seven activities, through the practice of meditation to purify the mind, consciousness and to achieve the ultimate realm. The integrity of the monk pointed out that Buddhism advocates, wisdom and compassion, tolerance, harmony, rissho Kosei Kai Fukuda taught this visit to promote exchanges and learning between Cao Dongzong disciple, enhance the friendship between the two countries. The integrity of the monk sincerely wish the rissho Kosei Kai Fukui taught a pleasant journey.

President Tsubota Koichi to visit the visit Tiantong temple to honor, integrity and hospitality grateful, and to listen to the integrity of the discovery of monk very excited. President Tsubota Koichi very grateful Dogen Zen in Tiantong temple after learning through numerous difficulties and dangers to Japan to promote Buddhism, created the Cao Dongzong of Japan, the Japanese in the world of Daxing Cao Dong chan. President Tsubota Koichi says it will do their best to promote Buddhism, continue to maintain friendly exchanges between Japan and China Buddhist circle.

Finally, the integrity of the monk and President Tsubota Koichi exchanged souvenirs and posed for pictures.