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Ningbo Tiantong temple and Ningbo Sheng Culture Industry Co. Ltd. jointly organized the "one world" Buddhist painting and callig

Ningbo Tiantong temple and Ningbo Sheng Culture Industry Co. Ltd. jointly organized the "one world" Buddhist painting and callig

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In April 17th, the wind and the Chang Hui, the Buddha light, melodious bell "and" in Sanskrit, Buddhist painting is jointly organized by the Ningbo Tiantong temple and Ningbo Sheng Culture Industry Co. Ltd. "one world" exhibition kicked off.

On the occasion of their predestined relationship, vice chairman of Zhejiang Federation of literary and art circles, the Ningbo Chinese Culture Association chairman Fu Dan, vice president, China newspaper culture industry alliance of Ningbo daily newspaper group, the Ningbo evening news deputy editor, editor in chief of a treasure, vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk China integrity, vice president of national painting and Calligraphy Institute Vice President Han Biheng, China paintings Che Zizhou, Central Academy of painting and Calligraphy Institute Lv Weijie, Ningbo Public Complaints Bureau Secretary Lu Lixian former Minister of United Front Work Department, Ningbo City, Yinzhou District Party committee secretary Chen Guoliang, Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department, Ningbo city Yinzhou District Public Complaints Bureau Chen Ken, Fenghua City Calligraphers Association honorary president Wu Deng school, Pujiang County Federation Chairman Vincent Fang Jun, national first class artist Pan Hua and the Buddhist community elders, the mountains of painting and calligraphy attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition of calligraphy and painting.

A flower and one world, a paint and lime. The opening ceremony of the Ningbo evening news editor in chief Xu Caibao in "book of ancient and modern, Hong Kong World" language, image analysis shows that Ningbo is a city with rich cultural heritage and the city of love, and introduced the modern famous Ningbo born painter Pan Tianshou, Sha Menghai, Sha Qi, Chen Yifei. At the same time, he also said, the Ningbo evening news as a "national top ten news of Metropolis Daily", vigorously develop the cultural industry, with its own credibility and brand influence, to build a large cultural industry construction timely resource platform. He hoped that through this painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Ningbo City, can not only enhance the artistic atmosphere, but also make the audience to enjoy the art of calligraphy and painting, Zen, feel that peace and sweet.

With all conditions combined, dragon day happy. Good faith on behalf of Tiantong Temple monk two public order to extend a warm welcome to participate in the exhibition of paintings and calligraphy of the elders, leaders at all levels, the mountains you painter, Buddhists and social friends from all walks of life. He referred in particular to Tiantong temple in the field of culture and art in the fruits, for example, in the top of the "phase" painted "in Zen Buddhism culture; to study and exchange base"; in college was established; first, Zen culture exchange conference held successfully. The book is Zen, Zen painting, calligraphy and painting table method is silent. Calligraphy and painting can be good guide, secular, Dharma, Buddhism and calligraphy and painting together will, to play a positive role in human civilization, purification of the mind. In this holy, peaceful environment, and many Buddhist painting and calligraphy exhibition held edge, very practical significance. Organized by the Buddhist art exhibition, to promote Buddhist culture, transfer positive energy. He hoped that the majority of calligraphy lovers of wider and wider circles of good will and commitment, wide Jiapin, painting and calligraphy exhibition all charity charity, to help more people who need help.

The Buddhist painting and calligraphy exhibition will last 7 days, on display in Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Grand Master write "Buddha" word, President of the Buddhist Association China Chuan Presbyterian printed inscription "academy" in Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association of the integrity of the book "the monk moon shine in my heart", the Zhejiang Provincial Artists Association vice chairman He Yeqi masterpiece "a Buddism godness Guanyin map" CPPCC Ningbo painting and Calligraphy Institute, honorary president of the week the wonderful book "Zen law couch, Wu Guanzhong disciple Shao Bingkun boutique breeze" picture "pilgrimage" and so on more than 60 monks and contemporary artists is fine for more than 200 pieces. To visit friends from all walks of life can not only were famous art feast, more can get the Dharma and benefit.